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Ever since Star Wars 7 was announced people having been wondering who the main villain would be. After we saw Kylo Ren in the first trailer everybody has had their own theories about who is behind the mask. Here are my top theories about who he actually is:

1. Luke Skywalker

Ok, so everybody has heard this theory before so I'm not going to spend that much time on it but it could be him because Kylo Ren obviously has a connection of some sorts towards Darth Vader and Luke hasn't been seen in any promotional items or trailers. The only problem is that Kylo Ren is played by Adam Driver who looks nothing like Mark Hamill.

2. Jacen Solo (Darth Caedus)

Well, not necessarily Jacen Solo just one of the Solo kids that they created. It has been heavily rumoured that Ren is a Solo kid and that Rey is his Sister, so this could turn out to be true.

3. Ben Skywalker

This could be the reason that Luke goes into exile. He knows that Ben has become a Sith although he doesn't want to face the facts so he has sent himself into exile. I have a feeling that this could be true although that mean he would've had to meet someone and fell in love with her. They would probably also include her in the movie and they just haven't said who she would be played by.

4. Garen Malek

For those of you who have never played The Force Unleashed, this guy also goes by the name of Star killer. I am well aware that Disney are not making the EU canon although I have high hopes for this theory (not just because I came up with it). Kylo Ren's 'base of operations' is called the Star Killer base - it's basically like a death star although it is an actual planet - this could purely just be because they thought it would sound cool. But I believe that they named it this as a nod to the game and that Kylo Ren is Galen Marek. He has a connection to Darth Vader, I don't recall him becoming a proper Sith and I believe it would make a lot of Force Unleashed fans happy.


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