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Most of the time, we always tend to see the acts of heroism of these people that we don’t even have time to look beyond the symbol they represent and witness the bleeding hearts afar it, longing to live their lives like normal people do… with the ones they value.

The Scarlet Speedster

The Super Soldier

The Emerald Archer

The Web Crawler

The Dark Knight

The Genius, Billionaire, Playboy and Philanthropist

The Emerald Warrior

The Man of Steel

I have to watch every single one of these superhero films and series just to get quotes that I think will be most appropriate for this collection of mine.

However, the line I chose for Superman wasn't derived from the Man of Steel movie. Instead, it was quoted by one of the hosts of DC All Access (credits to her) which, she obtained from Birthright #11 - a comic released by DC in 2004.


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