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Coming this November we get to see Marvels Sorcerer Supreme. Many people at the D23 panel for Marvel got to see concept art for the movie. Many people described it at inception looking with twisted streets.

Doctor Strange was once.. You guessed a doctor. After a tragic car accident he lost the ability to use his hands. In attempt to gain back his hands he goes to a mystical place and learns that he is much more than a Doctor.

So here are a few predictions for what I think will happen in Doctor Strange...

1. Mad Mikkelsen is Dormammu

You can't have Doctor Strange without Dormammu, Mads role has yet to be announced for the movie, and he certainly looks like he could play a evil character like Dormammu.

2. It will feature a infinity stone

With two more Infinity Stones left to be found before Avengers 3, it would make sense to see one show up in the world of magic. I think the Soul Gem could fit quite well into the Doctor Strange movie.

3. Baron Mordo will kill the Ancient One

Baron Mordo is Dormammu's henchman and is part of the ancient ones sorcerers. He obviously has a big role in this movie and seems to be the one to introduce Doctor Strange to the idea of magic judging by the set photo above. So it would make for a great villain arc if he was to kill the ancient one and free Dormammu.

4. Rachel Mcadams will be the Doctors love interest

Rachel Mcadams will most likely be a fellow doctor that Stephen is friends with before the accident. I believe that Doctor Strange will let her in on the secret of magic and that she could possibly be a Night Nurse for the Avengers.


Just like in Antman, Doctor Strange will have to meet atleast one avenger by the end of the movie in order for him to become a steady part of the team. I think they could have Doctor Strange give a infinity stone to The Avengers to protect.

What do you think will happen in Doctor Strange? Let me know! Sound off in the comments below.

Any questions you have let me know and I will get back to you!


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