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With the huge success that these actors and actresses have had over the years, it is hard to imagine that they ever had the time to master another skill. Well, although they claim to be just "regular humans" like the rest of us, they continue to surprise us with other worldly talents.

10 A-listers with secret talents that you had no idea about:

1. Christopher Walken: Lion Tamer

Before the Academy Award winning actor began his lucrative career in acting he was a lion tamer in a circus. I would pay BIG money to see Mr. Walken tame a lion.

2. Pierce Brosnan: Fire Eater

That's right, James Bond himself not only can get himself out of any ridiculous situation, but he can also eat fire! Pierce was in the circus as a fire eater for three years before deciding to train as an actor. This was a definitely a skill he should have shown off as Bond!

3. Jamie Lee Curtis: Inventor

Our scream queen didn't just make horror movie history, she also made a diaper! Jamie Lee Curtis invented and patented the idea of a diaper with a waterproof pocket in which to keep baby wipes!

4. Angelina Jolie: Knife Thrower

Let's talk about a super human for a second: the award winning actress and UN Ambassador is also a master at knife throwing. Those knife throwing skills in Tomb Raider and Mr. and Mrs. Smith aren't just show, she really can be that deadly!

5. Milla Jovovich: Singer and Guitarist

The Resident Evil actress and supermodel can also carry a tune. Milla has sang and played electric guitar in her band Plastic Has Memory, while also appearing on the Underworld soundtrack. Being friends with Maynard of Tool and A Perfect Circle, she has also sung on "The Mission" on Puscifer's 6-song EP, "C" Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here).

6. Vin Diesel: Game Designer

Vin not only kicks ass on the big screen, he kicks ass in the video game world as well. Vin Diesel owns Tigon Studios which develops video games obviously featuring his character Riddick such as Riddick: The Merc Files and The Chronicles of Riddicks: Assault on Dark Athena.

7. Colin Farrell: Country Line Dancer

Our favorite Irish actor is also a country line dancer. He didn't just dance though, he was a teacher! I'm no country fan, but I think I would take those lessons. Check him out teaching Ellen how to line dance:

8. Bruce Willis: Harmonica Player

Die Hard action star Bruce Willis can do more than shoot guns, apparently he can get down on the harmonica as well. Check him out below playing with BB King and Billy Preston:

9. Susan Sarandon: Ping Pong

Not only has Susan Sarandon become a master of ping pong, she also owns a ping pong bar-restaurant in New York called SPiN. Can she get any more awesome? Probably. If you are in the big apple, I would definitely recommend checking SPiN out with some friends.

10. Kate Beckinsale: Writer and Poet

The lovely Kate doesn't just kill werewolves in her free time, she's also an award winning writer and poet. In her teens, Kate TWICE won the British bookseller W.H. Smith Young Writers' competition – once for three short stories and once for three poems.


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