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So by now there are tons of articles describing each detail of the first Captain America: Civil War trailer. I'm sure each one of us have even watched this trailer over ten time (As is the usual routine when Marvel drops a trailer). And this trailer is awesome, but I am writing to tell everyone who I think the ACTUAL villain of this movie is. No, it's not Baaron Zemo, it's not Red Skull, hell, it's not even Iron Man. So then who could it possibly be?!


What?! How can Captain America be the villain?! It's his movie!! Yes, yes, I know this is a Captain America movie. It says Captain America right in the title (though very small compared to Civil War, but I digress). Listen to this and then you might reconsider who you think the villain of this movie is. I think Cap will be the main villain in the movie. The trailers will obviously not portray it this way because it is his movie, and I am sure the movie will not even portray it this way until the end when Cap realizes what he has done, but the first trailer definitely gave some hints that this could be the case.

First aspect to think about is our former ally, thought dead, turned Hydra assassin, turned fugitive, turned back into our ally: Bucky Barnes. He seems to be one of the causes that these Sakovia Accords are being put into place. Bucky has definitely come out of his mind control as shown in the beginning of the trailer. Cap has his good old buddy back, but Bucky is still a fugitive. I believe Cap is going to be obsessed with saving Bucky that he is going to not consider what he is doing. He wants his life long friend back, and will do whatever it takes to do that. The only problem with this plan is that Bucky Barnes was an assassin. He may have been under Hydra control, but he still killed and terrorized a ton people for decades in the process. It is not Caps decision on what happens to Bucky, but Cap will not stand for this. He knows the real Bucky and because of this, Civil War begins.

Another thing to consider is the line of dialogue from Falcon in the trailer when he says "I am just making sure we consider all our options." Falcon seems worried in this scene and maybe he is not fully on board with the rescue Bucky plan and the tolls it is taking. It seems that Falcon is making sure Cap is thinking straight, because maybe Cap isn't at this point. Cap could start becoming irrational in order to save his friend Bucky. This irrational could consume Cap and make him take wrongful actions that put him on the villain side of this movie.

Also a hint towards Caps villainy is in the trailer when Cap states "We fight." It seems like Cap is the one who is declaring the fight on the other side of the heroes. He does not look like he is thinking of any other peaceful option to solve this argument with his friends. Yes, I know he has a team of heroes and good guys rallying behind him, but that is just because it is Captain America. This guy could rally up a team to get a hot dog. He is a natural leader, but that does not mean the cause he is fighting for is right. His obsessiveness with freeing Bucky will blind him in this matter and make him think the only way to do this is to fight the people he cares about.

And the last aspect to look into is Tony Stark's behavior in the trailer. Yes, I know he said he wants to punch Cap in his perfect teeth (BREAKING NEWS: Super serum is the secret for great teeth, dentist recommended), but there are parts throughout the trailer with Tony that show he may not be the bad guy here. First, is when Cap says that he has no other choice because Bucky is his friend, Tony responds with a heartbreaking "So was I..." Tony looks upset and confused that he is fighting Steve, as if he lost one of his best friends. He does not look like he is the one who started this fight, he does not even look like he wants to be involved. It seems like Steve is again starting the fight against Tony, and is not too upset about it. And last, is the end of the trailer. Cap and Bucky are just absolutely beating the s**t out of Tony. Like to a complete pulp. What kind of trailer shows the heroes beating down the villain in such a fashion? Ok saw that, they won, the movies over? This seems a bit suspicious.

With all of these reasons, I believe that it will be Captain America who is in the wrong in this movie, not Tony Stark or anyone else, thus making him the ultimate villain of Captain America: Civil War. Steve seems to be blinded by the effort to rescue Bucky. Cap is a loyal guy, and his blind loyalty for his friend will be his ultimate downfall of the movie, escalating the matter to an all out fight against his teammates. What do you think?


Who is the REAL villain in Captain America: Civil War?


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