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We all know that One Direction is going 1 or 2 years on break. Big Time Rush isn't coming back, Union J isn't the next big thing, Stereo Kicks don't kick it off. 5 second or summer are a big thing but aren't a boyband. So can i discover the next big boyband to compete with One Direction? I don't think so, but i can find a great boyband. If i had money i would make this 5 Piece boyband:

Luke Friend:

Luke was born in Allerton, England. His birth date is April 30, 1996. The 19 year old performed a duet with singer Ellie Goulding for the final episode of his X Factor season.

Jack Walton

Jack was born in Leeds, England. His Birth date is September 18, 1996. Jack also competed on the X Factor.

Alex Aiono

Alex Aiono was born in Arizona, USA. His Birth date is February 16, 1996. He's well known for his music on Youtube and touring with R5.

Josh Levi

Josh was born in Illinois, USA. His Birth date is October 7, 1998. He also competed on The X Factor, but he competed on the American version.

Nolan Sotillo

Nolan was born in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. His Birth date is October 2, 1994. He's known because of the movie Prom and the TV Show Red Ban Society. But he hasn't got the chance to shine as an artist.

Why these boys?

Because they deserve it and they all got a different style that has to do with Pop, what could be very interesting.

Luke Friend: He sings Pop-Rock

Jack Walton: He sings Indie-Pop

Alex Aiono: He sings Pop

Josh Levi: He sings Jazz-Pop/R&B Pop

Nolan Sotillo: He sings R&B Pop/Pop-Rock/Rock

I just think that could be very interesting, and with all there fanbases it could already be something that people look forward too. Also the first song has to be a cool song and introduced in the right way.

I hope someone reads this and helps me bringing out this boys.

Justin Bieber is rumored working on a new Boyband.

A 5 Piece boyband from 21, 19, 19, 19 and 17 year old's. Not only they sing other styles in Pop, but they also are good looking.

Also tune for "Teen Wolf" Season 5B on January 5, 2016 at 9Pm.


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