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Are you tired of all this spoilers about our beloved space opera? Google Chrome has the app for you! This extension will warn you if you have spoilers ahead!

Star Wars fans have so much difficulty to surf the net without getting with spoilers thrown at their faces from every directions. Google, now, has an app that can shield us from every article that may spoile even the tiniest detail of JJ Abram's new movie.

If major spoilers comes on the way this app will warn you that there are spoilers on the way, but you will still have the option to proceed anyway.

Created by Alex Jumašev and Max Al Farakh of tech company Jitbit, the extension is available in the Chrome store. A small Stormtrooper icon is added to the top of the browser, allowing the app to be turned on and off.

Here it is the extension so that you can live spoiler free until December 17th: The Holly Grail

Here is the latest trailer:


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