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Hello everyone! About a month ago, reported that the first film in our new DCEU Batman series will be pulling inspiration from two super iconic Batman stories: A Death In the Family, as well as Under the Hood. Now, as you have probably guessed by the title, I would LOVE to see this. In the sections that follow, I will show you why this story would not only be good for an excellent story, but also for further constructing the DCEU.


The first reason that this film would be great is the plain and simple fact that we have never seen it done in live action. Unlike Batman: Year One or The Dark Knight Returns, We haven't seen a bunch of iterations of this story. Movie audiences only want to see something so many times, and by this point, everyone knows who Batman is and how he came to be. That pretty much negates the purpose of a Year One movie. Batman v Superman is taking inspiration from TDKR (The Dark Knight Returns), so it would be pointless to make a purist adaption of that story, and would not do much for world-building. The only time that mainstream audiences have had the chance to see this story in a film was in the amazing animated adaption titled Batman: Under the Red Hood. Since a lot of casual moviegoers stick to films released in theaters, many people missed out on this adaption, meaning that most mainstream audiences have not seen this story before. People want something different, that's why the Spider-Man films have struggled, and that's why this is a great idea for a film.

2. It's A Deep, Emotional Story

Since JoBlo says that this upcoming Batman film will be pulling elements from both the Death in the Family and Under the Hood storylines, you can BET that this will/would be a emotional film. The Joker beats Robin to DEATH with a crowbar, and then Robin comes back with a hatred for The Joker and for Batman. How emotional is that? Batman's "son" is murdered by his greatest foe, and comes back with a burning hatred for him. Some specific examples of dramatic scenes are:

1. When Joker kills Jason

2. When Batman finds Jason

3. The unmasking of Red Hood

4. The final confrontation

This would be as emotional as, if not more emotional than [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973). This also could end the argument that superhero movies are all action, and no story.

3. Lots of Characters

He needs to be in the DCEU
He needs to be in the DCEU

One of the best parts of the Under the Hood story is all of the characters. Nightwing, Superman, Black Mask, and Deathstroke all make appearances. This is obviously great for world-building because of all the great characters who cameo, particularly Superman and Nightwing, who has been rumored for the DCEU. This is also great because it emphasizes the relationships that Batman has with these characters, and introduces a lot of new characters that we haven't seen before. This also opens the door for characters like Nightwing and Deathstroke to get their own solo films as well. This is REALLY good for story because it helps show that this is a shared universe, and because it shows that Batman can't do everything on his own, something that audiences NEED to know.

4. AWESOME Fight Scenes

One thing that is great about Red Hood is that he was trained by Batman. Obviously, this means that he is a great fighter (with the exception of fighting against crowbars), but he has no moral limits. He WILL kill people if he wants to. My favorite scenes in the animated film are by far the fight scenes. They actually make you feel concerned for Bruce. If DC can do this in live action, will further show us that BATMAN IS NOT UNBEATABLE. Red Hood and Batman are very close in fighting skills, so these would be awesome scenes.

5. They're TOTALLY Building Up To This!

Pic from
Pic from

From what we've seen in the Batman v Superman trailers, Jason Todd is already dead, and was clearly killed by The Joker (Hence the "Joke's on you" quote). One other piece of evidence that most people overlook is the newspaper clipping that reads "You let your family die". Many people wrote this off as being from The Joker, but as far as we know, The Joker is unaware of Batman's secret identity in this universe. Who else could this be, other than Jason? It makes no sense for Dick Grayson to taunt Bruce, because he loves and respects him like Bruce is his dad. Bane was just done on the silver screen in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises, so having him on the big screen is probably not going to happen for at least a couple more years. The only other canidates who know that Bruce Wayne is Batman would be Ras Al Ghul, who was also seen in Nolan's trilogy, and recently in the CW's Arrow, The Riddler, who probably wouldn't know this identity if he was introduced into the DCEU, and Hush, who probably doesn't even exist in the DCEU yet. This note HAS to be from none other than Jason Todd.

6. It Makes A Good Stepping Stone In Establishing Batman's World

By using the Red Hood story as their first film in a new Batman series, DC can easily establish multiple allies, friends, and enemies of The Dark Knight, carving his corner of the DCEU. This would help establish relationships between characters, making Gotham come to life. This also could help show us why Batman is darker and different than the other heroes in the DCEU. This movie would show us why Batman is sort of a broken person. Ben Affleck himself said that he's playing a "older, more broken, kind of f—ed up Batman" ( Showing the death of a Robin definitely shows the audience that Batman has been through some very tough stuff. Having this Robin come back and fight Batman shows that Batman can persevere through tough things like this.

7. It's Different Than Marvel

This suit would fit perfectly into the DCEU, wink.
This suit would fit perfectly into the DCEU, wink.

The key to the DCEU being successful is to not copy Marvel. Fans and the general audience don't want the same "Marvel Tone" for every character. DC is darker, and it's good for them to embrace that. The darkness of their characters makes them different. Although some people may compare Jason to Bucky, the fact is; Bucky turns out okay, Jason does not. Bucky gets better and ends up becoming Captain America. Jason does become Batman for a bit while Bruce is "dead", but he kills EVERYTHING. (Translation: he doesn't get better) The idea of a heroes greatest mistake coming back from the dead with a burning hatred for him is AWESOME, and needs to be shown. (SIDE NOTE: I LOVE MARVEL, THOUGH)


DC should make a movie based on Under the Hood because it builds both the Batman universe and DCEU as a whole, but also provides a deep, interesting story that Batman fans love. This movie is PERFECT for the first film in a new Batman franchise, and is something new and different.

Thank you for reading the article. I hope you enjoyed it.


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