ByMatthew McDonnell, writer at

Ever since Lucasfilm and Disney broke the news that Star Wars would be returning to cinema screens back in 2013, speculation has been rife about the movie's plot, with super-fans around the world penning their own theories as to what the film's key story arcs could be.

Aside from the constant questions about how (or if) the film's new leads, Finn (John Boyega) and Rey (Daisy Ridley) could relate to our heroes from the original trilogy, there have been some more abstract theories coming together. One eye-catching theory which is likely to catch the eye of several fans has recently surface - and it involves Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phasma, as well as a much-loved character from the now-void Expanded Universe...

'So we know that Captain Phasma is played by Gwendoline Christie who, like a certain Expaned Universe character, has ginger/blonde hair. We also know that Rey's surname is being held back. So here's the theory...

Following the Battle of Endor, Luke meets an ex-empire worker. Her name? Mara Jade. They have a child, and as they do, out breaks the Battle of Jakku. The family become separated in the fighting. Luke fights, Mara is kidnapped by the Empire, forced to return to work for them. The baby? Left on Jakku. Her name? Rey. Mara Jade has to work for the First Order under the alias Captain Phasma. Luke, assuming his wife is dead, goes into hiding through guilt at losing his loved ones (which would explain his cloaked appearance in the trailer, assuming the cybernetic hand placed on R2D2 is indeed Luke's)'

There we go - what do you think? Could we see Mara Jade in The Force Awakens? Even if we don't, would you like to see her in a Star Wars film, outside of the less-known videogames and comics?


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