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The DC Extended Universe is getting bigger and bigger. It all started with Man of Steel in 2013, and will continue with it's next movie in 2016, titled Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here I am going to list every movie that has been confirmed, and every movie in development.

Released Movies:

Man of Steel (2013)

Man of Steel is a new take on the story of Superman. This movie is much darker than any other Superman movie we have seen before, and even has Superman killing his first villain. This is the movie that started the universe we are going to see continue in 2016.

Confirmed Movies

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

This will be the second movie in the DC Extended Universe, and has two of its biggest heroes facing off. Batman and Superman go head-to-head and will eventually team-up to fight the main threat of the movie. Many people are very excited about this movie, mainly because it has been in the making for over 10 years.

Suicide Squad (2016)

This movie has a different take on superhero movies. Instead of following the origin of a lone hero, this movie will put the bad guys together to form Task Force X, also known as the Suicide Squad. This movie has a very large cast of characters, and most of them are villains fighting villains. The Suicide Squad will face against The Joker and his henchmen, one of which is Johnny Frost. Many fans are excited about this movie, which is the same for me. Ever since I first saw the Suicide Squad on Arrow, I loved them and their story.

Wonder Woman

This movie will follow the events of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Diana Prince will most likely go to her home Themyscira, where she may fight other gods or demigods, or even one of her arch-nemesis' named Ares. This movie will be the first DC movie that is led by a female, which is a good thing, because there are not many of those. Many fans have been waiting for a great live action Wonder Woman and will finally get her in 2016, then in her own movie in 2017.

Justice League Part One (2017)

The Justice League have never before had their own live action movie, making this a highly-anticipated movie. The movie will see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Shazam, Green Lantern, and Cyborg team up to stop a threat against the world, who is probably going to be Darkseid. This movie will be very good, and is very promising.

The Flash (2018)

I am very hesitant about this movie, because Barry Allen just got his own series last year, and that show is still going, and will probably still be going in 2018. But I do not want to see two different versions of this character, and I do not think Ezra Miller will be better than Grant Gustin, but I know the movie will still be awesome. The movie will follow Barry Allen, who will gain superpowers by a particle-accelerator explosion and being exposed to many different chemicals.

Aquaman (2018)

Many people do not like Aquaman because they think his powers are stupid. His powers are not the greatest but he is a very interesting character, and we have not seen many live action versions of the character, and none in any movies. The movie will likely follow Aquaman and the Atlanteans in a war against Ocean Master, according to a recent rumor. The movie will be great, and many will love it, even if they don't like Aquaman's powers.

Shazam! (2019)

This movie does not even have an actor as Shazam, but Dwanye Johnson is the villain, Black Adam. The plot of this movie is unknown, and I have no ideas for it. I am very excited though, because Shazam and Black Adam are two awesome characters that I don't think have been seen in live action very much.

Justice League Part Two (2019)

This movie will probably follow the Justice League after part 1, still trying to defeat Darkseid. Since the first one is a highly-anticipated movie, the second will be too. I hope that in part two, the Justice League will get at least one more member. Maybe someone like Green Lantern dies in the first one, so in the second they will need a new member like Hawkman or Black Canary.

Cyborg (2020)

There are not many people excited about this movie, mainly because out of all of the characters getting their own movies, Cyborg is the most unknown. But I am very excited for it, because I know about Cyborg, and he is an awesome character with an intereesting story. I don't know who he could face in his own movie, because he is usually apart of a team who fights stronger villains, but Warner Bros. could find a good villain.

Green Lantern Corps(2020)

Many fans were disappointed with 2011's Green Lantern, as they thought it wasn't very good. But I thought the movie was great, and despite its problems, it was a very good movie. This movie, instead of following just one hero, will follow many members of the Corps. Members they can use are Hal Jordan. Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kilowog, and Jade, along with many others.

Batman (TBA)

The movie following the story of Bruce Wayne, will most likely be about Red Hood fighting Batman, for letting the Joker kill him. This storyline sounds like it is being set up in the Batman v. Superman movie and also maybe Suicide Squad. Many people hated the casting choice for Ben Affleck, mainly because they thought he was horrible in Daredevil. But the movie will be awesome and our newest version of the Batman will be great.

Booster Gold & Blue Beetle (TBA)

All we know about this movie is what the title suggests: it is about Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. I think this is a great idea, and my main reason is that most of the DC movies are/will be very dark and gritty. But this movie would be more light-hearted, and be much funnier and brighter.

Dark Universe/Justice League Dark (TBA)

The production of this movie is very confusing to me. A couple years ago Dark Universe was trying to be made, but the idea was scrapped. Now the movie is set to happen and be apart of the DCEU. From what I know, this movie would be about Constantine, Deadman Zatanna, and Swamp Thing, as the Justice League Dark.

Movies in Development

Man of Steel 2

Man of Steel was kind of announced already but not really. Obviously Kal-El will survive the event of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League Part One & Two. If Doomsday is not used in any previous movies, then I would use him as the villain along with Lex Luthor. But if Doomsday is used, the villain could be Braniac. But this movie will be good, as Man of Steel was.

Teen Titans

Recently it was announced that a Teen Titans movie was in development. I personally do not like the idea, because that means that the TNT live action series Titans/Blackbirds probably won't happen. But this movie would still be good. The Teen Titans are very cool and different, and have a unique story. because they are not like their old partners like Batman and Superman, who are all grown up and are full superheroes.

All female-led movie/Birds of Prey

It was also announced that an all female-led movie is in the making, and lets face it, it's Birds of Prey. Many people didn't like the 2002-2003 series based on the same thing, so making this movie interesting to viewers could be difficult. But I have no doubt in my mind that the movie would be good and many people would love it, even if it isn't the best idea.

This was all I found about the released movies, confirmed movies, and movies in development in the DC Extended Universe.

Do you like any of my ideas? Are you excited about where the DCEU is going? Please, let me know!


Which movie are you most excited to see in the DC Extended Universe


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