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When the [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer was released just a few days ago on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, we were all excited to finally see it, and other heroes and characters from the great MCU, like Black Panther and the return of William Hurt's Thunderbolt Ross. But almost everyone has watched the trailer multiple times, trying to find some kind of egg or glimpse of a different hero or villain. After that was done, some were disappointed because we didn't get a look at the said,"other heroes or villains." Below are 4 things we all wanted to see in the trailer!

1. Tom Holland's Spider-Man!

We all know Tom/Peter/Spider-Man is supposed to only have a slightly-above-cameo appearance, but couldn't we have gotten just a wittle bitty peak? No! of course not! So we'll just have to wait... patiently... some more...

2. Baron Zemo!

The great Daniel Bruhl (Inglorious Bastards, Rush, The Bourne Ultimatum) was cast as Baron Zemo earlier in 2015, but we have NOT gotten anything else about his role or if he'll be a big threat in Civil War. We do know that the character is much needed in any Captain America film.

3. Martin Freeman's Character!

We haven't 'officially' gotten word of who Freeman plays, but many have speculated and came up with: Captain Britain, Norman Osborn, Peter Henry Gyrich (who appeared in the first X-Men film, so might be FOX owned), and Everett Ross. My guess would be Peter Henry Gyrich who definitely isn't a fan of the Avengers and what they have to offer:

Especially since the image taken from the trailer looks a lot similar to Peter:

4. Captain America and Crossbones Fighting!

We did get a blink-and-you'll-miss-it view of Crossbones walking behind some soldiers, but not any of Cap and him fighting or facing off. Crossbones, if you remember in the comics (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) started fighting Captain America pretty early on in the series. We did get to see Frank Grillo's pre-Crossbones Brock Rumlow, in The Winter Soldier, and of course, his released picture(s):

But What Do You Think? Anything I Missed That YOU Would've Liked To See In the First Trailer? Tell Me YOUR thoughts In the Comments Below!


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