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Taking a leap with "What If..."

In the post prior to this one I left you with a promise to tell you what ‘Dominion is– ’ and I like to keep my promises so -

The Short Version:

Dominion is an apocalyptic, supernatural, action, OMG! thrill ride of a series where the angels you thought were ever so kind and loving – aren’t. In fact, most of them would just as soon kill you than give you the time of day. But there are some who want to save humanity. Of course, we know things will all work out… maybe.

The Long Version:

Dominion is a wholly ‘uncookie cutter’ science fiction television show born from the creative mind of Vaun Wilmott thanks to the 2010 Sony Pictures Entertainment/Bold Films Production movie - Legion. (And if you haven’t seen Legion – you should. It’ll give you a frame of reference from which you can sort of peek into the mind of Dominion's creator, Vaun Wilmott.)

Somehow I imagine his thinking went a little like this ...

Granted I’m not privy to what actually went on in Wilmott’s head as he was pondering what would eventually become Dominion – but the following seems like a good summation of the way a writer/creator would think while pondering--

Hmm.... what an interesting concept. But what if the story was tweaked a little?

  • What if it's called Dominion? (Nice ring to it)
  • What if it was pushed 25 years into the future after things went awry for the Archangel Gabriel and his genocidal campaign to wipe every single human off the face of the glorious world created specifically for humans because his Father, God, has decided to ‘go silent’ in Heaven?
  • What if Gabriel’s twin, the Archangel Michael, refused to side with Gabriel; choosing rather to try and save humanity by helping fortify a stronghold where he can protect the identity of the last pure-hearted human, Alex Lannon - a.k.a. the Chosen One?
  • What if their seriously odd older sister, the Archangel Uriel, tried to play both her brothers; promising to ally with whomever she sees as having a better outcome for her?
  • What if their other older sister, the Archangel Raphael, stays hidden – supposedly taking a vow of neutrality?
  • What if during that 25 year span of time Michael was able to gain the confidence of humans by not only protecting them and helping them fortify their stronghold, but also by training them in ways to overcome Gabriel and his army?
  • What if it the stronghold was a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas? (Oh, yeah, Vegas, baby, Vegas.)

*Note to self: Must remember these angels will be in human form - they'll enjoy doing things that their human bodies allow them to do. All the things a human body can do.

  • What if when the Chosen One, Alex, is revealed it’s discovered his presence is a double edged sword because he could either help bring back Father or he might very well lead to the destruction of both Humans and Angels alike?
  • What if, just to throw a wrench into the works, there's an entire faction of angels who are ticked off with both brothers?

And one last what if…

Wilmott took all those 'What ifs...' and came up with a complex story that turned out to be a shiny, faceted gem in a science fiction world that has for the longest time been slogging through stories focused on mutant viruses, zombies, and deep space drama. But wait... what sort of list would it be if I didn't include the still clinging to life as if it’s been coated in SPF Lead stories wrapped around vampires, werewolves, and witches.

The idea for Dominion was pitched to the SyFy Network. And SyFy caught it then ran with it for two seasons. Yes, it hoofed it to first base; flew past second base; and, then right before touching third base SyFy called STOP! And there Dominion was stuck dead in its tracks because apparently some programming genius at the SyFy Network had been slapped upside the head with the Dumb-Ass Bat and cancelled the show.

NEXT: Exhibit A - The Dumb-Ass Bat with SyFy's name written all over it.


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