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I found myself pleasantly surprised by Jessica Jones season one but there were some things that I felt could have been done better and most of them have to do with the season's villain Kilgrave.


When Kilgrave first appears, I was genuinely terrified of him and that fear carried on for a few episodes until the episode where he invited Jessica to her childhood house which he had recreated perfectly. Throughout this episode, I saw a side of a villain that I hadn't seen in a long time and quite honestly, I actually felt sorry for the guy when he revealed what happened to him as a child.

By far my favorite moment of this entire season is when Jessica took Kilgrave to a house where a man was holding his own family hostage. Kilgrave at first was going to have the man shoot himself but Jessica convinced him to make the man turn himself into the police. It was at this moment I thought the show would take a turn where Kilgrave and Jessica become heroes who work together and I honestly thought that would have been brilliant because Kilgrave himself says that he enjoyed being a hero. However this is when the season started to fall apart because Jessica drugs and captures Kilgrave for a reason that made me start to dislike our main hero: she says she would have to spend her whole life pointing Kilgrave the right way which makes her sound incredibly selfish. Look I'm not saying that Kilgrave is a good man and should be forgiven immediately but I think that if there is a chance to redeem him, she should have taken it rather than betraying him and in a way making the situation worse. Think about it, after Jessica captures Kilgrave and tortures him, he escapes angrier than ever and kills ALOT of people. If Jessica had kept pushing towards the path of hero none of those people would have died, including the death that I hated the most of Hope. Now I know what some of you are saying: he's a sociopath and a murderer, he deserved what he got. Yes, what he did to Jessica, Hope, and many other people is wrong and he deserved to be taught a lesson but we have to remember that he grew up without someone teaching him responsibility and had horrible parents who just left him when he had a tantrum. There was another time they could have redeemed the character; when him and his parents are reconciling, they could have it so that Kilgrave turns a new leaf, forces the judicial system to release Hope, then become a hero because once again when he was with his parents, he seemed happy to be a hero. But no, they stab him thus making everything go downhill.

I'd like to talk to you all about one of my favorite characters in all of fiction: Vegeta. This man was a monster: killed millions of people because they were below him, he was a pompous cold blooded killer with a lust for power, and he had no problem slaughtering men, women, and children just to rise above his rival for what reason? His rival was a "lower class." In so many ways, Vegeta was worse than Kilgrave but guess what? Fans broke into tears when he sacrificed himself to save his family and friends. Why? Because we saw a progression of the character go from an evil tyrant to a good though arrogant hero. It may be an anime but good writing is still good writing.

You could have gone a similar route with Kilgrave and people would have loved it. It could have been a funny dynamic of Jessica hating Kilgrave at first but they learn to get along and he becomes somebody who helps the Defenders or maybe even becomes an Defender himself....but no, the writers got lazy by having him go nuts in his lust for power so Jessica kills him. Yes they actually killed off this villain. Filmmakers and showrunners need to learn something: STOP KILLING OFF VILLAINS! You keep killing off villains, you'll run out. Keep them alive and you can reuse them later! What a freaking concept! So yeah, I wasn't a fan of them killing off Kilgrave and it wasn't even a satisfying battle. She tricks him then its a simple snap of the neck. No cool climax at all.

So those are my thoughts on how they should have taken Kilgrave. What are your thoughts? Was the ending of Kilgrave fine for you or should they have done something else? Let me know in the comments below!


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