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If you're a Walking Dead fan then you probably already know, but for those that don't know; actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as what many call the cruelest, meanest tyrant in the Walking Dead universe. That man is known as NEGAN. A force of unmerciful nature, he wields a baseball bat he calls “Lucille” that is as scary as a walker coming at you but we can talk about that later.

I'd rather touch on the man who will be bringing this wretched being to life. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has appeared in roles on many successful shows. He is a talented actor with a broad range of skills in bringing characters to life onscreen. I'm going to talk about a few memorable roles that we've seen him in.


n what many consider to be one of the most memorable storylines in the shows history, Jeffrey Dean Morgan played a sick patient with a heart condition named Denny Duquette. His charm and persistence lands him the love of Dr. Izzy Stevens (Katherine Heigl), who goes as far as to sabotage a delivery of a donor heart in order to get it for Denny. In one of the most heartbreaking scenes of that season, Denny dies in her arms due to complications from the surgery.


For 11 seasons Sam and Dean Winchester have been trolling the Midwest in search of all things evil and ghoulish. Their skills on combating demons, angels, gods, ghosts, monsters, and curses is now the stuff of legend, but it was one man who taught them these skills. That man is John Winchester, a Marine who lost his wife to a demon and raised his two boys all the while hunting down the evils that roamed about. In the end, like a good father he sacrificed his life to save his son Dean, but he left a gift in the form of a journal documenting all the knowledge on how to defeat the evils that his sons will face. Since his death, the one question many fans of the show always ask is “when will we see the return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan”? Yes, John Winchester has returned but a younger version of the man we all have come to know. The return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the show is one of the most coveted by the fans, coming in second only after the appearance of God himself.


The one character Jeffrey Dean Morgan has played that is maniacal as Negan himself, Eddie "The Comedian" Blake had no mercy upon his victims. He's gone as far as raping a friend and fellow teammate Silk Spectre (Carla Gugino). The movie also implied that he was also responsible for the death of JFK. He impregnated a Vietnamese woman during the war and when she finally came calling ready to give birth, he shot her dead.

4) Magic City

Here Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Ike Evans, owner of the Miramar Playa hotel in Miami during the time right after the Cuban Revolution. His classic "Rat Pack" style look and demeanor played perfectly here. Even though the show is over, rumors are flying that they may bring Magic City to the big screen as a feature movie.

It doesn't stop there! The 49 year old Seattle native also stars in The Good Wife opposite Julianna Margulies , and Extant opposite Halle Berry. I can go on and on about the work this great actor has put in over the years but we'd be here all day. So get to know Jeffrey Dean Morgan, because he's coming to a hit show near you!


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