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This is always a touchy subject. You have to look far and wide, to find a group of more loyal fans, than Star Wars fans. They are legion, and they are fanatical, in every sense of the word. Hardcore Star Wars fans love to tell you that Star Trek is an inferior brand of Science Fiction, but when it comes to technology, and realism, it is Star Wars that is completely inferior.

1. Weapons. Call them "plasma bolts" or whatever. It makes no sense that in a world of high technology, where lasers exist, anyone would use slow traveling "plasma bolts, " which are slower than the fire arms used in today's world! " Adam Savage of MythBusters fame decided to try and figure out just how fast the... whatever it is coming out of the blasters actually moves. Using the height Harrison Ford and the width of a door as visual references, Savage performs some arithmetic to come up with a shockingly slow speed: 130 miles per hour over 40 feet. For comparison, your average bullet comes out of the barrel moving at around 1,700 miles per hour. "Stormtroopers may be better served by ditching the blasters for a good semi-auto." Disney can use all the Techno babble they like, it still makes zero sense. Phasers, on the other are direct energy weapons, and based on the field of the beam and a variety of adjustments, a wide variety of effects could be achieved. Also, as far as the weapons fired by space ships, “Some of the energy readings suggested for Star Wars laser weapons would instantaneously vaporize any unshielded craft, not to mention the atmosphere in between them, in rather spectacular fashion,” where as "Photon torpedoes travel at warp speed. This means that are unblockable by SW vessels whose reaction time is such that skilled humans can provide superior guidance as compared to their computers (thus their manual firing). Photon torpedoes are matter/antimatter devices whose yields have been described as being able to wipe out cities with a single torpedo. Proton torpedoes are sub-light (and slow) missiles that can destroy city blocks." Star wars "tanks" make no sense either. Why would you ever give a tank legs? It makes them clumsy and easy to tip, and destroy.

Star Trek 1, Star Wars 0

2. Droids. Lets face it, C3P0 and R2D2, just make no sense. C3P0 shows emotion, and "acts" like a bumbling fool. He shows signs of fear and cowardice. Data, and all the Soong androids, respond to almost every situation like a "robot" should, and the Mudd androids were completely incapable of processing irrational behavior. The androids in Star Trek show no emotion, for the most part, have no real fear, and follow their programming, pretty much to the letter, in most cases. Another point is that Data, the Automated Personnel Units, and the Mudd androids were carefully designed, by those who possessed an extensive background, in engineering, where as in the Star Wars universe, it seems anyone can tinker with a droid, as if it were an old car.

Star Trek 2, Star Wars 0

3. Medical Technology. If not for ethical issues, it is probably possible, with today's technology, for us to grow people, which we could harvest organs from. We are a lot closer to being able to grow organs, than make cybernetic limbs, capable of connecting to nerve tissue, and responding to brain waves. We can already replace organs. Cybernetics is a long way off. That being said, why would you give anyone a cybernetic hand, when you could grow them a real one?

Star Trek 3, Star Wars 0.

Ships. Star trek drivers run on matter/anti-matter reactors. Star Wars ships run on fusion, fission. Star Trek ships move at 9,000 to 21,000 times the speed of light, and cruise at around 2,000 times the speed of light. Star Wars ships ships top out about 16,500 times the speed of light, and have a cruising speed of around 11,000 the speed of light. The way these ships move in space is another thing all together. Star Wars ships move in space, like they are moving in real time, where as Star Trek ships are capable of movements that seem to bend the laws of space, it's self. This one goes to Star Wars, for more believable drivers, and movement, in space

Star Trek 3, Star Wars 1.

Final Score: Star Trek 3, Star wars 1

In the end, Star Trek tech is far more believable than Star Wars. In most aspects, Star Trek tech makes some sense, where as most of Star Wars tech was designed to look cool, on the big screen. Sorry Star Wars fans, you might be legion, but most of your tech makes little sense, and is far less realistic than Star Trek tech, and with 3D printers, that are able to email tools into space, replicators seem like they are not that far off. It is just a matter of making them able to work with organic material.


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