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Bloody Mary first started off in movies about kids who thought it was just a joke. In the movies,Bloody Mary was supposed to be something the teens made up to scare one another. But,it turned into way more. Someone really appeared in the mirror,and killed each and every person who thought she was a joke. After doing lots and lots of research,I found the real story of how she became Bloody Mary. However,I still don't quite get how she got the bloody part in her name. Mary,started off her prom night just like any other senior. She had one of her closest friends,her boyfriend,and Mary's boyfriend. The guys went to get the two girls something to drink. They came back laughing and told the girls to drink the drinks. Mary's friend did,but Mary knew something wasn't right. Her friend started acting weird. The boys insisted the girls go to the car and leave. Mary nodded,and grabbed her friend and put her arm around her and walked with her Slowly. When they got to the car,Mary's boyfriend tried to force the drink down her throat but Mary hit him and ran back inside the school. The boy took off after her. Mary was lost and ran into a room. The boy stormed in there. Mary was crying and pleading. He picked up a pipe and hit Mary in the side of the head. She fell to the ground hard. Her boyfriend started freaking out,thinking her killed her. He picked her up,and put her in a box and locked it. He ran out acting like nothing happened. Hours later,Mary woke up confused and scared. She started banging on the box and screaming,but no one could hear her. Later,she died of fear. No one ever found her or her body. To this day,if you lock yourself in the bathroom and turn off the lights and hold a candle,and repeat these words 3 times: Mary I have your baby. Legend has it,she will appear and kill you.


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