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Marvel has announced its film slate, and there are a lot of films that seem to be missing that Marvel Fans really want, what I really want.

3. Hawkeye/Black Widow Team Film

Since no one wants these two to have a solo film, why not team them up and make a espionage spy film. There villains could be Hydra related and would make for a great action film.

2. Solo Hulk Film

Get it done Marvel! Everyone wants to see this made already! Now here are a few ideas of stories you could do..

a. She-Hulk/ Hulk film Bruce Banner teaches Jennifer how to use her powers and contain them

b. Planet Hulk

c. Government vs Hulk or Red Hulk vs Hulk

3. Masters of Evil

Now this would be a amazing film opportunity and would help marvel with its villain image problem. You can do a Masters of Evil movie featuring all living villains. Abomination, Loki, Baron Zemo, Mandarin (if Iron Man 4 is made), or Red Skull (returned). Also Enchantress and Executioner if they're introduced in Thor 3.

Do you agree with my list?

What Marvel Movies do you wanna see made?

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