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"Is Jon Snow dead? IS Jon Snow Dead? IS JON SNOW DEAD!!?" Shut up for the love of jebuss Jon Snow is dead, or so HBO has lead us to believe for months until the poster above was released earlier in the week, and although it is difficult to tell if the commander of the Night's Watch is in fact alive, it is fair to say that he has not been burned which would be the smartest and only official way for Jon to die. If you haven't read the book or caught up with the show, I warn you there will be a few SPOILERS.


For years there have been rumors about who may be showing up on the show and how this season is going angle it's plot. However the rumors this year have been flooding in a very rampant rate and this year it's impossible to keep up with all of them, yes? OK maybe not. However, there is one that is catching my attention as being (at least) a little factual this year. Casting has revealed that they have cast a number of members of the brotherhood without banners. Which may and by may i say very far-fetched but hopefully mean that we may FINALLY be seeing the notorious and evil Lady Stoneheart.

If you are unaware of who Lady Stoneheart is she's the post death reincarnation of Lady Katlyn Stark. After learning that her two sons Bran and Reckon where murdered, and watching her last son (Rob) betrayed and murdered she snapped before being murdered herself. She was then striped naked and thrown in the river to be found three days later by the brotherhood without banners. Beric Dondarrion then gave his own (9th or 10th) life to bring her back to life, and she then goes on a murdering spree, and basically kills everyone who is not from the north.... and some of them too.

Next Rumor: The Iron Island.

Pyke of the iron islands
Pyke of the iron islands

The Iron Island is extremely detailed in the books, and I'm not sure if they are completely caught up on the show (well we know they aren't). They HAVE cast Euron Greyjoy, and may be intending to have some kind of battle for the seastone chair as I'm assuming that they are planing on killing off Balon Greyjoy (Theon's father) who basically has been pointless to the show going into the 6th season. However I dont expect to see a king moute or Victorian as nothing has been rumored about the youngest brother of Balon. With that being said I should see at least a sighting of the Iron Islands as it seems likely that Theon would take Sansa there or to the wall.

Final Rumor:

Jon Snow as a white walker. I'm going to stop the press no in saying it seems extremely unlikely that the savior at The Wall even in death would be a white walker. Although i'm sure he did die, The Red Priestess may be the one to return him to the living. In fact she would be the top of the list however It seems unlikely that Jon will be of much use going into about mid season.

We know we will be seeing some of Bran's development and I wouldn't be shocked if you saw little to no Jon Snow in Season 6. Which would allow a lot of shady activity to go down at the wall, which may lead to the wall falling down.

Before I conclude this update (rumor wise anyway). I do want to touch on the likely hood that Stannis is dead and the North. As many people know we left Stannis being found and maybe killed by Brienne of Tarth. Stannis is nothing his army either left after the death of his daughter or killed by cold and the Bolton army. Melisandre leaves and Brienne while waiting for the candle from Sansa finds Stannis broken and at least appears to kill him in the snow.

I think as it stands he is dead. Brienne loved Renly too much to allow Stannis to live. This entire storyline doesn't exist in the books so you may or may not follow. However, it is likely that Brienne kills Stannis in Winds of Winter.

The Bolton's have also lost Reek and Sansa which may cause a war on their door step if they don't get at least the Stark girl back. It's likely the Umber's will strike up a rebellion in the opening episodes of this upcoming season. So we can look forward to that!

Ultimately all eyes are on the wall however, so everyone will be looking for more information on Jon Snow with Kit Harrington "hair watches" and sightings. I will update you guys more as I hear it. I will be reviewing Jessica Jones in it's entirety this week. It got an 8, but I'll explain why and talk about some of the "Easter eggs" in the script. Talk to you soon.


Jon Snow is....?


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