ByTony Sotelo, writer at
Who can not wait for dead or alive xtreme 3 I know I'm dying to see how it plays out.

I know it's in of dirty but come on all the previous DOA games have been released here in the West and I don't think it should be kept out of the West as well.

The game looks amazing I know it's just mini games and some story but come on. If you've been a through he DOA games you'd know that it's all about the girls we the fans LOVE them with their outfits and cute faces and voices. Along with I guess the bodies but that's not what it's all about.

I've seen that it's available for the ps vita and for the ps4 but will they be playable on the ps4 as far as I've know the ps4 has been region specific. However the vita on the other hand is not. Thats why I've chosen to purchase the limited edition on the ps vita.

It's going to be amazing so we've got to deal with it. Hopefully it actually gets released in the West with the exact same things as the japan release.


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