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Black Panther, Crossbones, and bit of pee, and I have finally finished watching the trailer, THE first OFFICIAL teaser trailer to Captain America: Civil War. Anyway I'm excited but unfortunately not as excited as I should be. Off tops Mark Ruffalo's Hulk has been snubbed (as least according to the reports) from the movie to make a showing in the next Thor movie, which for obvious reason's also cuts Thor. Which if you are not aware will automatically change the movie from the comic book. More interesting is that Bucky may not (in the cinematic world) have killed Maria and Howard Stark. With these developments I might be confused by how this is all going down. However now is the time where we post that all so important WARNING FOR SPOILERS tag line, because it's time.... so ladies and gentlemen.... LET'S GET READY TOO RUMBLE! (in a very terrible Buffer voice)

Black Panther:

So about six months ago there was a casting on the infamous Black Panther. Although no one was surprised at the addition, many people where shocked at the quickness in which he would be added into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, seemingly having a HUGE role in this movie. Seemingly with the odd's stacked ageist him look to have Tony seek out the billionaire T'Challa the king of Wakanda for his most valued natural resource vibranium. The thought of a vibranium made iron man suit would be insane. However, don't look to see Tony rocking a super sexy vibranium custom just yet as it is rumored that The Black Panther has an agenda all his own.

If you are a little confused to who The Black Panther is, just read Batman, throw some African native stuff in it, like Lions, and Man Hunters, and bad accents, and you'll get the just. T'Challa has a multi billionaire company, and is king of his country. Young and giving (black slash) vigilante and keeper of the peace.... just like Batman. His suit however is something to talk about. Coated with vibranium (The same metal as Captain America's shield) he may have the strongest suit in the entire Marvel Universe. Rumored to even be stronger then Caps shield. Sorting out what The Black Panthers true agenda in this movie will be might be pivotal to the conclusion.

Super Hero Registration:

Since the first X-Men movie the main antagonist to Super Heroes has been the United States government. At times even creating a villain when their previously wasn't one (Magneto's a bad example, but I'm going to go with it). This movie at least on paper seeks to cross the line with heroes on what's right with government and what's wrong when it comes to their involvement with hero relations. It seems that this war was started (if the trailer can be believed) due to the governments need to eliminate Bucky Barnes and burn all knowledge of his existence. Why? Because they more then likely used him for their bidding and can't risk the information leaking to the public. As you saw in Winter Soldier The US government had been working WITH Hydra to create super soldiers that they can use in their benefit. Considering Zala to be an ally while he stayed true to the enemy.

Basically I think that The Government then used Heroes to eliminate the leak of shady misconduct. Which may or may not be where we get the story line that Bucky killed Iron Man's parents. However, I don't know if it would allow for redeeming factors in the eyes of Tony in future bidding with Bucky. Either way that would no question asked prompt Captain America to side with Bucky, who after all was raise with him, and is also a firm member of The Greatest Generation where they strongly believed what America is and should be, Which obviously America no longer is.


There has been major speculation that the "Web Slinger" is set to make his Marvel debut at some point in this film, but rather it's in the film or only in the post credit scenes (like Howard the Duck) remains to be seen. However, if Peter Parker is in this film what would his role be? Obviously they wouldn't want to spoil his role in the trailers or even his alliance. However it would be clear that Spider-Man is one of the most if not the most secretive heroes in The Avengers which would have be leaning to Left (Captains team) when it would come to any registrations.

Jessica Jones/Daredevil rumors

It is no secret that Daredevil and Jessica Jones are literally a block away from each other on their respected Netflix shows and that they are both apart of the same Marvel Universe. With that being said I do not expect to see either of them In this movie. Mainly because of the over sized cast and the success of both shows. If they are however added into the Cinematic Universe look for it post Avengers movie three, or during depending on the involvement of Thanos.

In conclusion the second trailer has left us with more questions then answers and we are expecting a new lengthy trailer during the Force Awakens which may shed some light on the currently conflicting plot. I should be posting a top ten on 2016 series this upcoming week, and have an awesome Christmas. Leave comments in the section below with insight and complaints.


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