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I love Spider-Man and Pei-Wei!
Ralph Linardic

As with every nerd, Star Wars is a big part of their life. I would know if this game is worthy of the Star Wars label and had the feel of the universe. "Star Wars Battlefront" absolutely succeeds in creating the look and feel of the various Planets such as Endor, Hoth, Jaku, etc. The Audio, as well as the Visuals, is simply breathtaking. While playing this game, I felt like I was a Rebel soldier, fighting against the Empire. It just felt so Authentic and real, unlike most games I play. Most of the Multiplayer game modes are fun and have kept me interested for a while now. One of my biggest worries heading into the game was it would be repetitive and get dull very quickly. It turns out "Blast" and "Fighter Squadron" are two of the best modes and kept me locked in for many hours and many more to come. All of the special weapons and Grenades also feel useful. You (The user) have to aim the Grenade unlike most first person shooter games and it makes it more realistic and fair. Battlefront is a hell of a game, and a great time. It is not without Sin, however. My biggest peeve with this game is that there's not a campaign / story! It would have been cool to have a story leading up to the Force Awakens. Any story would have made this game better, even if it was below average. Having a story makes it all the more dramatic and it attaches the user. I know there's the Battle of Jaku, but that's not a full story. It's more of a perk. One other thing that bugged me was EA's stupid decision to not include Voice Chat. Having the ability to talk to other users and friends makes the experience of playing Multiplayer games that much better. That being said, "Star Wars Battlefront" is still a good time and is a fine addition to the Battlefront series.


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