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There are three types of opinions about Albus Severus Potter's name - lovers, haters, and in-betweeners, as J.K. Rowling put it. Harry naming his child after Albus Dumbledore is somewhat understandable, but after Severus Snape... What?!

Personally, I love the name and I think it's perfect. I frequently see comments in Harry Potter fanpages that question Harry's choice of name. Comments such as "Why didn't he let Ginny have a say in naming the kids?" Not that it's our business, but she named an owl 'Pigwidgeon'. Also, they probably agreed on the kids' names together. Other comments also happen to be why Harry didn't name Al after Hagrid or Arthur Weasley (the latter has other children to be fair).

The Great Snape debate has been going on in this fandom forever, and in a series of tweets J.K. Rowling answered Friday morning, she finally weighed in her thoughts about it. Though I think it was pretty self-explanatory in the epilogue, it's still a joy to see Jo answering our burning questions about the ever expanding world of Harry.

The tweet that started it all.

She knows all of us have been arguing about Al's name for years, and she addressed it in this tweet:

Though she also knows that while Snape had a turbulent issue with James Potter in the past, it's not an excuse for him to be ridiculously biased. And mean towards Harry & co.

She even said that there's a whole essay about why Harry named his son after Snape. The decision was a part of who he was after the war.

Jo then went on to tweet the reason why the deceased Potions Professor and former Hogwarts Headmaster was chosen as Al's namesake.

We will always remember.

She also clarified that she wasn't ranting or upset. Just thoughtful.

"...Snape deserves both admiration and disapprobation, like most of us. "

How about Dumbledore?

The other name in question was Harry's choice of Dumbledore's first name. The author responded to this cryptic tweet from a fan.

Is the 'most issues' about Dumbledore leaving infant Harry at Privet Drive for the Dursleys, where Harry endured 11 years of abuse and neglect? Or the fact that he was raising Harry as a pawn and didn't even tell him about the prophecy?

J.K. Rowling took a break for a while because she needed to do some work, and went back to see that the Snape debate is still on fire!

She responded to a tweet that says Snape can be categorized as evil because of his inexcusable behavior towards his students. Even those that particularly didn't deserve it.

Say what you will about Snape, but he wasn't "obsessed" with Lily. They were friends even before James was in the picture!

The following tweets just makes the goodness in Snape's heart shine even more.

So, if Harry chose to honor those who died in the war, why not name his child after those who aren't cruel to him in the first place?

"All wizards matter" (aside from Voldemort or Grindelwald, that is.)

Of course these are just fictional characters, but we can't help it. They're just as human as we are.

Snape didn't die a selfish death. Even if his death was for Lily or Harry. He knows he'll gain nothing from it, yet he still chose to do so. All his sacrifices contributed a lot to Voldemort's defeat, and to save the Wizarding world.

Before signing off for dinner, she thanked everyone for participating in the unplanned debate.

Remember this profound advice from Dumbledore, which you can take out of context (because we're talking about Al's name here.)

“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”

People are fighting over Al's name like this... I guess you could say he really is a 'Cursed Child'.


Do you think Harry named his middle child after the right people?

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