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It's the age-old question: What RPG do you want to see made into a movie? I've put 10 below. Please leave me a comment and let me know if you agree with any of these choices. I know we have some younger readers on MoviePilot who have probably not played these games, and to those individuals all I have to say is this; go play these games!

10. Secret of Mana

Oh, the joy of playing this game. Videogames can be a timewaster of sorts if you are not careful. Secret of Mana definitely falls under that dangerous category. Oh, yes. I accidentally lost about a week of my life to this video game. I think it would make a much better film than it would a game, though. If, for some reason, The Legend of Zelda couldn't get a live-action film adaptation, this would be my second choice as there are similar plot elements, but you have a band of heroes to support you. Link doesn't.

9. Final Fantasy VII

Wait! Why didn't I put this higher? For a couple reasons. We already have Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children which is a very good film, and also because this is a safe and obvious choice. We know this would make a good movie. I would love to see it happen. There are a lot of games that are not as good as this one, but there are a few that warrant a film adaptation over this one in my professional opinion. Older franchises that have been ignored. It still doesn't change the fact that we'd all love to see this band of brothers take up arms in an animated or even live action (with CGI) film.

8. The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time) or (any Zelda game really)

Forget animation. We need the real thing.
Forget animation. We need the real thing.

I know. I know. This is not an RPG, but it would make an amazing film, and we all know it. People that were born after the year 2000 know it. That's how powerful this franchise is. I'd be excited as hell to see a live-action adaptation and so would you. No explanation necessary.

7. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

This was an easy one. What's not to love here? What would work absolutely fantastically in a traditionally animated film of this game? A great plot involving a realistic amount of worlds to see in 2 hours, five great, memorable characters, many deeply satisfying villains and a fantastic musical score. Just get a decent script, and away we go.

6. Starship Titanic

I know I'm cheatin'! Cheatin' again! However, there are RPG elements to this game. While it is a point-and-click adventure by design, you are still "role-playing" throughout the entire thing, so suck it up. I really can't understand how this game received such mediocre reviews when it was released. The production value at the time was so high: Incredibly good voice acting, gorgeous graphics, humongous story, really, really hard puzzles (oh yeah that's why critics didn't like it). In the end, some of the puzzles were impossibly hard, but we still made it through. Regardless, I would pay good money to see an audience WOWED by a live action take on this Douglas Adams classic. The time is ripe for it too. A film like this might not have been received well back in the 90's when the game came out. It's sad because it's exactly what we needed back then. Regardless, I'd steal candy from a baby to see this movie.

5. Thief 1,2, or 3

The name is Garrett.
The name is Garrett.

Cheating once again. Not only are these not RPG's, but I've listed 3 of them. Why? I can't help it. These are just such compelling stories. If you had to ask me, the second game would most likely make for the best film. The other two have supernatural elements to them that leave the tone unbalanced and would make pinning down the genre of the film harder than it would if they stuck with Thief 2.

However, I think the first game would be a solid choice as well. It has a large blend of medieval settings and A LOT of zombies, and large spiders. While these were a nuisance in the game itself, it might work in a movie's favor. This day and age we can't seem to get enough of zombies.

Either way, these three games would make an excellent, excellent trilogy. If there was a way to dub a younger actor with Stephen Russells voice seamlessly, I say we'd have an Oscar contender on our hands.

4. System Shock 2

I always thought the robots were kind of funny.
I always thought the robots were kind of funny.

Alright. This would be an awesome movie. Granted a lot of liberties would have to be taken with the script since this was a survival-horror RPG and alot of the game is spent by yourself, it would still be very interesting to see. It would also probably be one of the most violent movies around.

I'm going to go ahead and say that BioShock would also make a very great film, but hey, this one came first. Sorry.

3. Chrono Trigger

Greatest tertiary videogame character of all time?
Greatest tertiary videogame character of all time?

In a way, we already kind of have the cutscenes in the PlayStation release of the game, but let's be honest, we all want to see a full-length animated feature film of Chrono Trigger (shudder). I can feel the chills. It would rival Spirited Away for being the greatest animated film of all time. And the music! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT SOUNDTRACK?! God, it would never happen, but I hope it will.

2. EarthBound

Yeah. Yeah, that's right. I went there, buddy. This would be a film for the ages. If you all don't know what EarthBound is, it is time for you to find out. It is tied with Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI for being the best SNES RPG. It is also one of the finest RPGs ever made. It's a tale set in "modern day" USA (really it's just the US in the '90's). No, I'm not going to spoil the plot for you. It's not original (save the world type stuff), but the setting, characters, and execution are. I think this film could go both ways, and would be exciting to see a live-action or animated film. I'd lean more toward live action though (even though it would be expensive as HELL). Like Link, Ness doesn't talk in the game. This would be a difficult convention to work out. Does he remain silent in the movie? Should he talk just so we're not dealing with an awkward device used to make the videogame more dramatic? It's a tough call, but I'd love to see a take on it.

1. Final Fantasy VI

The most cinematic game opening for its time.
The most cinematic game opening for its time.

I think we can all agree that Final Fantasy VI is a masterwork of videogames, and storytelling in general. Yes, it would be hard to get all the characters in here and give them all their due, but I believe it is possible. I played this game when I was 23 years old back in 2011. I missed out on it when I was younger. It's a shame because I had more brain energy to devote to it back then. I feel bold for saying this, but I would LOVE to see an animated version of this film. The only downside? It would certainly be 3 hours long or more.

What do you think? What RPG's do you want to see made into a film? I know some of you were thinking of Grim Fandango when I was cheating by listing Starship Titanic. Go ahead. Sound off.


Which of these games do you most want to see made into a film?


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