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In a months time we will be entering the much awaited and auspicious year of 2016 .

Auspicious why you ask ....

Let me tell you why

1.Dead Pool

Release Date : 12th February

One of the comics book most loved bad-mouthed murdering sociopath will finally hit the big screen with his own much awaited movie (hopefully fox wont ruin this like how they did fantastic four ) .

2.Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Release Date : 25th March

After years off comic book crossovers , tv shows , animated movies etc its finally the time we get to relinquish the thirst of watching 2 of history's most loved heroes battle it out on the big screen ..... In addition to which we will also get to see wonder women , aquaman and many more ......Holds breath...tries breathing....fails...passes out X_X .

3. Captain America: Civil War

Release Date : May 6th

Civil war was one of the most beloved and ever read comic in the marvel series now its gets its public display in the highly anticipated Captain America 3 which brings together Some of our most beloved avengers like Hawkeye , Black widow along with some additional newbies like Ant-man , Black panther , Vision along with the already super stripped Cast of Captain America and Iron man .

4. X-Men: Apocalypse

Release Date : 27th May

With no trailers or videos released as of yet the next installment in the highly acclaimed Xmen-Series is definitely gonna be one worth the wait.

5.Suicide Squad

Release Date : 5th August

The darker side of DC will finally come to the big screen with the villain team up in suicide squad showcasing some of the best actors and there skill set to showcase some of the most darkest villains know to world ( a psychiatrist was required on set to make sure no one goes to evil.....)

6.Doctor Strange

Release Date : 4th November

Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing one of marvels oldest and beloved soccer to protect the planet against the evils of the dark arts .


Are You excited ?


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