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I can't believe it, we're less than a month away from seeing Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens in theaters. From the announcements, teasers, spoilers and now we're here.

Everyone will strap into their seats (wearing their Kylo Ren masks, as i will too) but with the sea of TV spots and international trailers, we feel like many more footage revealed in those rather than official trailers. Still ever since Episode 7 was announced, countless fan-theories have been made up, and oh boy, you won't believe some of them:

#1: Luke Skywalker is Kylo Ren.

Oh, i can't even imagine why people believe this, but let's roll with it:

So, there has been a very popular fan-theory that Luke Skywalker did indeed become Sith which probably made the ending of Return Of The jedi from happy to depressing.

Why It Is Bullshit: Kylo Ren is played by (the terrific) Adam Driver, and he's already being shown filming without his mask, and there's a moment in the trailer, where he is shown brawling with Finn, without his mask, and Mark Hamill is playing Luke in the film, and there's already a leak of his costume, so we can put this theory in the TOTAL BULLSHIT file.

#2: Han Solo Is A Jedi

Okay, this one is backed up by the words Han says in the (supposed) final trailer of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, but still doesn't make (and will never will) make Han a Jedi.

Why It Is Bullshit: Sure, i bet he's grown wiser, and isn't probably the wisecracking badass he is in the original trilogy, he believed it all was a 'hokey religion' but years after, he might have grown wiser, as i said, and accepted the force as a real damn thing.

If he's not Force sensitive (Or Is He, Abrams?) he's totally not a Jedi.

#3: Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plageuis

Supreme Leader Snoke seems like the most well hid character in The Force Awakens (Expect Luke, duh) But if he wasn't a big deal, J.J Abrams and Co. would have at least revealed him, so less than a month till the movie, and we don't know it's big, villain except Kylo, looks like, and (The always amazing) Andy Serkis has said that the character is damn huge.

But some hints lead to him, being Darth Plageuis.

Why It (May Not) Be BullshIt: I mean, the character is huge, and while most entries on this list, are bullshit. This one may be true, yes, the EU is non canon, but think about it: It sure would be a twist.

#4: Rey And Kylo Ren Are Siblings

This one might be total bullshit, but let me give you my thought and prediction: Maybe Luke went away, got married, and had two children, which was Rey and Kylo Ren. Kylo was the older one, and learned about his grandfather and was fascinated by the dark side, joining it, then Kylo went berserk and maybe thought his sister wasn't worthy because Luke would hand her the lightsaber, and in order to save her from her crazy brother, Luke sent Rey in another planet to protect her.

Why It May Be Bullshit: Okay, this one would be a big twist, but probably might not happen, as the movie is set up as the heroes vs villains, and Kylo Ren looks like a guy who's dead serious.

So, i am not denying the possibility that it may happen, but let's let it rest in the BULLSHIT file for now.

#5: Jar Jar Binks is A Sith Lord

One well thought fan -theory claims that Jar Jar Binks was a sith lord, and was fooling everyone into thinking he's just a retarded alien (which he totally is) and was a super powerful sith lord.

Why It Is Bullshit: Come on, this theory is well thought, but you want to make me believe that a GCI piece of computer shit is a powerful and scary Sith Lord?

#6: Han Solo Will Die In The Middle Of The Movie

How depressing would that be, huh? Personally having grown up on Star Wars, and having Han Solo, as my hero was enough for me to have a happy childhood.

This theory suggests that in the middle of the movie, Han, Rey, Finn, Chewie will go in a mission somehow, and before leaving, Han and Leia hug, same as the scene in the final trailer, and then leaves, in a mission, Han is killed, with Leia finding out about and breaking down in tears.

Why It May Not Be Bullshit: Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens is gonna be an emotional movie, that's for sure. And at some point, somebody is gonna die. Either Han or Chewie will be the guys up for the axe. It may happen, and it will mark one of the saddest scenes in cinema history.

#7: Luke Is Dead.

One theory suggests that we are getting excited for Luke for no reason since he's already dead. DEAD.

He was hunted down by the Knights Of Ren, and killing him in the process. And sending his lightsaber in space, for anyone to find.

Why It Must Be Bullshit: Are we getting excited for nothing? Is Luke DEAD? No, he is alive, why? As i mentioned earlier, there has been a leak of his jedi costume and he looks old, but not dead. So keep getting excited, guys.


Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens comes out in December 18, and that's the only thing that's true. There have been countless fan theories but only some of them might be true.

Whether it's bad or not, TFA means more Star Wars, and more Star Wars, the better.


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