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It feels like Guillermo Del Toro has been attached to every project at some point. The list of potential sci-fi and horror movies that he may write or direct is endless. Even longer is the list of projects he has had to bow out of due to his busy schedule. Many of these projects were incredibly exciting ideas for fans of Del Toro and the movies themselves but were disappointingly handed to another writer/director. In hindsight the idea of Guillermo Del Toro working on a Doctor Strange movie is one such project. The idea of which fills a movie fan with that sense of longing that will never be satisfied because it is one of those movies that Del Toro has had to withdraw involvement from.

Another genius of science fiction and fantasy writing that could have worked on Doctor Strange with him was Neil Gaiman. At one stage the critically acclaimed author expressed great interest in writing on the first ever appearance of the Sorcerer Supreme. However it seems Marvel Studios were for some reason apathetic to the idea of Gaiman and Del Toro tag teaming on what would be the first foray into the supernatural side of the Marvel Universe.

Regarding the prospect of writing for Doctor Strange Gaiman had this to say: "I still wish Marvel had been interested in a [Guillermo Del Toro] & me Dr Strange movie, because I wanted to write Clea so badly after 1602." Last year a fan told him to throw his hat in the ring for the upcoming movie and he responded: "Guillermo Del Toro and I pitched it to Marvel in 2007. They said no."

What is odd about all this is that Del Toro denies having had serious discussions with Gaiman about Doctor Strange. In an interview with Collider back in 2012 he mentioned an instance where Gaiman came to the set of Hellboy 2 and said: "Wouldn't it be cool to do Dr Strange together?" Guillermo's response was: "Yeah that would be cool." Despite this being their only interaction about Doctor Strange weeks later news sources began reporting that the two of them were collaborating on the movie. Hollywood is a strange place.


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