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Tyler Brown

Now don't get me wrong, Creed is a good movie. It's a solid's just not a great movie.

All over the internet you'll find raving reviews about this new addition to the Rocky franchise. They all say something like "This is the second best Rocky Movie!". That's not really saying much. The other Rocky's were ok, but they weren't GREAT like the original.

Creed feels more like a reboot of the original Rocky film. The problem is it doesn't have the same emotional depth. There's a half-hearted love story (that doesn't go anywhere), a conflict with Rocky's health (that doesn't go anywhere), and the final fight is intense but Creed is still the loser. (Kind of Exactly like in Rocky and Rocky Balboa)

There wasn't anything new about this movie. The fight scenes looked amazing, but that's expected in a 2015 blockbuster.

I wish I could say I really enjoyed this movie, it had it's moments but it also had about 30 minutes of filler that I could tell was putting the theater to sleep at times.

Michael B Jordan played the role fine, but it wasn't like he offered anything that another actor couldn't. Stallone did his part and played an elderly Rocky who was charming and true to the character.

I hope others continue to enjoy this movie. Hopefully this film will end the Rocky Franchise on a decent note. I don't want to see a Creed 2-6.


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