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The Captain America: Civil War trailer dropped recently, and while it may not have broken the internet like Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer did, it certainly broke the heart of every single person that watched it.

Seriously, this trailer has got to be Marvel's saddest one yet! Between all the action and suspense, there was drama, betrayal and heartache. I will never forget those words that Tony Stark said to Cap, and it looks like I'm not the only one.


Cap's betrayal of Tony stings us all, as before this movie, they truly were friends. It might have been a strange and complicated friendship, but it's a friendship nonetheless. And the trailer spent most of its time showing us these two friends going to war with each other, breaking ours and each other's fragile hearts!

But maybe the trailer wasn't sad enough for you. Maybe Tony's words and Cap's actions didn't sting enough to make you cry a river. Don't worry, you aren't heartless, some people just need a little more push to get the waterworks working.

Luckily for those people, there's 'The Civil War: Bromance Version', created by Vimeo user Anthony Meadows. His version is pretty much the same as the original, except his features a pretty iconic song. One that's sure to make you shed tears of immense sadness, especially when paired with the heartbreaking Civil War trailer.

A recent trend is adding Adele's newest song, 'Hello', into everything, and though it might not always work, it certainly works this time! The end of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers's bromance gets 10 times more heartbreaking when you witness it with Adele singing in the background.

Honestly I'm a little surprised that Marvel didn't get the song for the actual trailer, it's the perfect way to amp the emotional ante! Oh well, with or without the Adele track, Captain America: Civil War is going to make audiences sob immensely when it hits theaters on May 6, 2016! Here's the original trailer, incase you cannot see the above version through your Adele-induced tears:

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