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2016 is right around the corner, and when looking at the release schedule for movies based on video games, I see a lot that all have variety, which shows hollywood is beginning to take more chances, with Warcraft, Assassin's Creed, Ratchet & Clank, Angry Birds, and the sixth Resident Evil movie (I think the latter is probably the most doomed to suck)! Which shows that video game to film adaptations could be the new Hollywood fad, replacing comic book movies, as well as many more video game movies in production like Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, and so many more!

With all these films in production, it makes me want to bring attention to a video game that is my favorite game of all time, one that is the most fun I have had with a video game....Shadow Warrior. I am talking about the 2013 game, this game seems relatively unknown when I bring it up in conversations about games, and the E3 gameplay demo only for the equally amazing-looking sequel, Shadow Warrior 2 (which is due sometime in 2016) doesn't really have that much views. I would link the video below if chances are, if you don't know what Shadow Warrior is, I shouldn't post gameplay from the second game without you playing or even watching the first. Shadow Warrior is a game filled with satisfying and super bloody combat, tons of laugh-out-loud moments, and a interesting and engaging story filled with characters I actually care about, and with the right budget, along with a R-Rating, I believe this would translate perfectly to the big-screen, I even think so enough that I wrote a fan-script for the movie in my free time, it is just such a awesome experience to play the game.

The hyper-violence of the video game is something that would translate so well to a movie and would entertain audiences as well, making tons of money! I believe now is the perfect time to make the movie seeing as the sequel is being released next year, and it seems that action comedy films are making a lot of money, Guardians Of The Galaxy is a action-comedy that made $773.3 million worldwide off a $195 Million budget! Now you could also argue that is due to it being a Marvel movie, and then you could also say that the film was PG-13 so that also helped the film's money-making. However, let us look at Kingsman: The Secret Service, another action-comedy, that was also rated R, which made $414.4 million worldwide! Compared to it's $81 million budget, that is not bad at all, especially for a R-Rated movie and if Kingsman can make that type of money off that budget, I believe Shadow Warrior could make equally as much, if not, even more!

With Shadow Warrior, I do think that it shouldn't be one movie, they should split the movie into 2 or 3 parts to make the story flow better so that it isn't crammed all into a 2 hour movie, and I think it will make a little bit more money if you were to call the first movie "Shadow Warrior: Part One", because if there is one thing people like to do, it is to jump on a bandwagon if they see that something will become popular, they think that there will be more than one of these movies so maybe they should give it a shot.

This could have the potential to be the best video game adaptation ever! Look at the screenshots below and I will guarantee you would want to see a movie made of the game!

Come on! Who wouldn't want to see this action series with guns blazing at hordes of demons as Lo Wang also just rips them apart with his katana on the quest for the Nobitsura Kage! It would be epic! Lo Wang is also a great protagonist, he is funny while also being a complete demon slaying badass! As well as his demon sidekick Hoji who is equally as hilarious, just imagine the laugh-filled bromance between Lo Wang and Hoji on the big screen! This movie would be glorious, it would make money, it would be great if given the budget and the R-Rating!

If you haven't played Shadow Warrior, it is on Steam at the moment for $4, and on PS4/Xbox One it is under $20! I guarantee you will get your moneys worth! Or if you don't have any of the gaming platforms listed above, watch a no-commentary playthrough online, please tell me in the comments if you think a Shadow Warrior movie could be good, and also tell me some underrated video games that you believe could make great movies.


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