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23 years ago, Saban created a show where six teenagers with attitude became a global phenomenon , and has been the longest running Non-educational TV Franchise ever since 1993. With multiple seasons and two films under its belt, the series has a pretty tight universe and timeline but with a new film coming in 2017, I believe its time to officially name the PR-Verse as a Multiverse. Let's think about it...There are certain seasons of the show that could not fit into the massive timeline of the franchise. Hell, the first movie doesn't even fit the timeline as it was suppose to. Why not split the universes up into a multiverse.

Here are a few of my suggestions

Multiverse I: PR-93

This Earth IS the original earth and universe where Kimberly, Jason, Trini, Zack, and Billy started in Angel Grove. Everything from Mighty Morphin to Dino Charge exist with the exception of SPD, RPM and Possibly Time Force. The only film to fit in this timeline is Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie since it was really the first few episodes of Turbo in a film.

Multiverse II: PR-695

This universe is the world of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie. The stories of season one and two still exist but the Ninja Quest is slightly altered. Ivan Ooze existed and wrecked the command center nearly killing Zordon. The Ranger suits are more heavily armored with new unique weapons, Ninjor has been replaced with Dulcea. The story after that was never known.

Multiverse III: PR-SPD05

This earth is the home of the SPD Rangers. Lightspeed Rescue and The Space Rangers could have inspired the Creation of Space Patrol Delta. Time Force is just a department in SPD. Aliens live on earth, human-alien hybrids are a thing. The proof that this is another universe. See the episode Wormhole.

Multiverse IV: PR-GR0

This earth is the post apocalyptic world is the home of RPM where most of the ranger died fighting Venjix and the new rangers were created Dr. K. This world is now in a rebuilding phase.

Multiverse V: PR-9317

The New earth were the new film will take place and reboot the franchise.

and Just for kicks

Multiverse VI: PR-0910

The universe were the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were nothing more than a comic book series. (MMPR 2010 Revamp)

Multiverse VII: PR-1875 (Wild West Rangers)

A World where the first rangers came during the expansion era of America. The Power Rangers would be known for their steam-punk inspired weapons and zords. Plus the people would be pretty freaked out by the Megazord.


Should Power Rangers become a Multiverse on its own?


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