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With Blue Sky Studio's "The Peanuts Movie" currently in theatres and sitting pretty at number three at the box office (11/22/2015) It shouldn't come as any shock to see viral marketing out the wazoo. With all the toys in stores and Happy-Meals, all the commercials, paid YouTube adverts, and a slue of internet games. Games like the "5 Cent Advice" game that you can find on the film's webpage, I found this little gem of a game while doing some research on webpage design. What transpired after was two hours of hi-jinks, at this game's expense.

The game works by basically drawing from a list of pre-selected responses. You type in your "question" and the game draws a random response. This game is truly meant for kids and those looking just to have a bit of free fun...I obviously fall into the latter category. Here are a few screen shots of my time on the site.

I will issues a warning here. If you are not a fan of dark humor. I'd advise not to continue. What follows is a bit dark, not too dark. But still very depressing.

Still going? Okay

Last chance here. Cool cool. Let's go!

I started off with the basics.

Immediately, I knew this was going to be fun.
Immediately, I knew this was going to be fun.

Stepped it up a notch. or two...or five.

Kind of a rehash of the previous one, but...

Then I broke into song! SING ALONG KIDS!!

My first of a few "dust" jokes

Can't be fun without a few dad jokes!

This one actually made me think that there may be a real person answering these.

Can't leave out a joke about abusive parents!

I may actually need help...

More death jokes!

Dropping some real stuff at you Lucy.

She has a point...

I'm not talking about Lucy.

Somewhere there's still a bit of that angst-y teen "poet" inside of me.

Not dark for once. Tried a Portal 2 reference.

More false related humour.

No comment.

Another "dust" joke. I must really like Kansas or something.

Not dust exactly...I'll count it anyhow.

More death!

One last one for good measure. My person favourite.

Well that's about all of the depressing material that I can muster today.

Merry Christmas Everyone.


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