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I must say, that I am teenager, too. I know, that people don't read in this age, but I love reading. It's my hobby. I haven't read every book for teenagers (just for now), so I can't give you completed list of the best, but I'll try to choose wisely.

Harry Potter

Why? Because it's classic, of course. The magic world of Harry Potter is awesome. I love this one and You will love Harry Potter too. I promise.

By the way, there are lots of cool characters. What about Luna, Tonks or Proffesor Trellavney? Soo crazy. But we all love them.

* proud Potterhead *

The Hunger Games

Of course that THG are here, man. This is such a great story, You know? I think that there are lots of reasons, why. In these books/films you can find love, courage, danger and also a little bit of hate. The main character Katniss is very courageous young woman, and she shows us, that women are at least as good as men. But she has a cool boyfriend, you know. Oh, there are just two tips of people - team Gale or team Peeta. Which one are you? How could I forget?! The best couple of all series is Hayffie - Haymitch and Effie. I love them. I just love them. And I will. Forever.

Looking for Alaska and other Green books

What can I say here? You just love them or hate them, nothing between. And I must say, that John Green is a perfect writer. Thank you, John Green! You made my life better :).

I think that it's all. Enjoy time with book, guys!


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