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We all are waiting for the cap civil war to hit the theaters in may 5,2016. I have noticed that there are 6 major characters or superheros (call them as you wish)didnt appear in the official trailer and thats made me upset.For me,I've been waiting for the cap civil war trailer for almost 4 months (well not that much!) and I can say that I expect more from marvel but im not saying its bad at all.Here are those six characters:

1. Ant-Man

Look at what do we have,antman in it's true form.Antman movie exceeds expectations and gives a special something that none of the marvel movies gave us.A great sense of humor following it with adventurous action and its for all ages (not for all ages I mean PG13) and we didn't forget the impressive success in box office that made marvel start thinking of a sequel and it does when marvel announces a sequel named Ant-Man and the wasp in 2018 .With all these things this pal didn't make any appearance in the trailer but i'm still waiting for him.

2. Vision

Look at the picture down and you will know who is our friend we're talking about.This super powerful hero is siding with iron man against cap and his allies so we'll expect a huge collision will happen especially with scarlet witch (wanda maximoff,nah who cares about the name).His first appearance is in avengers age of ultron ,thanks to thor's hammer that made him a creature but there is no sight of him in the trailer and I am angry because he's powerful,you know.

3. Spiderman

Damn how I love this character.Here is it one of the most famous superheros the world had ever known and his movies are the best if you asked me. After joining the MCU,a reboot is working on for him by marvel .Moreover,he is in the civil war being played by tom holland (rest in peace amazing spiderman franchise 2012-2014) can tom holland gives us some of the awesome spidey action we get used to see it? I hope but I didnt see any man wearing red with black lines jumping and climbing walls and towers in the trailer (shittt!!!) If you see him call me.

4. Sharon Carter

If you see this picture down,you will see agent carter or sharon carter ,better known as agent 13 .This sexy girl is working for shield as a secret agent doing what nick fury says and it's known for her love for captain america.Marvel had announced that she is participating in the civil war as an alley for captain and that didn't surprise me because of her relationship with cap. For those who don't know sharon carter she is a good fighter and doesnt miss shot,not like hawekeye or black widow but she may be useful.What confuse me is that she didn't appear in the trailer,ahhh!!!

5. Baron zemo

I dont think that all of us know this guy but you should know that he is dangerous and he is obsessed with killing cap america and destroying his life (wow cap you gained a friend ) .There are two versions according to the comics ,the one in the war and the other appeared in the civil war but i think marvel will take the second version.All i wish is that he could reach expectations and do what he does best and is fighting cap.I know this is trailer and marvel cant put all characters together but common you could put at least one main villian.

6. Crossbones

No words.This is the most badass villian cap had ever faced ,remember him in the captain america winter solider. Hydra is lucky with a person like that ,civil war may have other flavor but don't we think that cap had enough with tony fighting him and know baron zemo and crossbones (R.I.P cap).Like other characters he didn't appear in the trailer.

Now when you know that those characters are not shown in the trailer I could be mad since these characters can change everything about civil war except the last two guys i dont think they are thinking about civil war but on killing someone. Write below your comments and let me know if i had missed everything have fun.


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