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Arshad Khan

Hi, ladies and gentlemen.

"What I think of a cross-over between Supergirl and Flash. I say, please, no, no. Why? Because, 'It's such a poor tv show, after watching only 2 episodes and I felt it was poorly scripted, produced and directed. Everything about it is so excruciatingly bad and this is DC Comic TV Show worst one yet. Flash & Arrow and Gotham are far better and well written.

The only concern I have for Flash is the executive producers, 'Berlanti' 'Guggenheim'; who sometimes write material that don't fit in well with this popular DC Comic show. My thoughts goes back to one episode of Flash where Barry Allen takes on a man-shark. I really can't think of something ridiculous like that. What were the producers thinking of putting that scene in it. If I was directing Flash, I'd leave it on the cutting table. I believe that each DC Comic TV Show should not have the same people involved with other tv shows, it can be counter productive. That is why I love watching Gotham. Firstly, the story is impeccable. The genius writer of Mentalist. Secondly, the actors on screen are brilliant and the picture has oldish-modern noir feel to it, which brings out the gritty ominious ambience to the show. Thirdly, some of the actors are well established artists, which brings out the best in the acting. With cleverly interewoven subplots and new characters in the background playing some kind of role in the story. This is my favourite DC Comic TV Show. Flash would be my next favourite show, followed by Arrow. I would like to paint a picture in people's mind, pertaining to Arrow. I somewhat agree with how Arrow season 3 panned out. Let me get right to it. I believe the early episodes weren't brilliant, but, it was average, though, not terrible. It picked up in the second half of the season. I do recall some episodes where Oliver Queen's on-off relationship with Felicity was somewhat mundane and it wasn't leading to anything interesting, which was the fault of the writers for making Felicity's character less interesting. Many episodes failed because of the way the creators and producer tackling Smoaks character, but, it picked up in the second half of the season. Stephen Amell plays a brilliant Green Arrow, but, not so great at playing Oliver Queen. The only actor that really played both character roles was Justin Hartley. He had a humourus side to his playboy billionaire antics and he did well playing the vigilante Green Arrow. His personality allowed Justin Hartley to shine on screen. Back to the current issue topic. I wish they use more of John Constantine in Arrow and the character fits in well. His personality on screen is spectacular. I must say without reservation, the idea of using Constantine in Arrow was a clever shrewd move on the producers part, kudos. He gives much more when Constantine is around. One of my favourite DC Comic character. I pray they bring Constantine back and this fictional character deserves time on screen. I really don't understand why network executives decide to cancel a show so abruptly. I've seen really poor tv shows that get renewed and not Constantine. One last point on the Constantine. It's good to finally hear of a Justice League Dark and John Constantine being part of it. I say even if Constantine got 1 season on screen, at least he's being used for the larger screen role. Once again, let me reiterate this to you zealous fans. Something is better than nothing and being cancelled so quickly was a travesty for the DC Comic character, which has potential to blossom. He has the tools to make it shine from acting on screen, disposition and Constantine's quirky and witty comments are second to none. His first special appearance on Arrow was cool and I really felt humbled by John Constantine's presence, it gave Arrow a new uplift and showed that certain DC Comic characters can do well in a cross-over. I personally believe this notion of using John Constantine and Arrow in a cross-over was brilliant. I thank you for being patient. Goodbye my fellow peoples'. I salute that idea for Arrow and Constantine. Kudos!


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