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(WARNING: Spoilers for both the show and comic book lay you are warned! - If you by chance missed the said "warning" then here it is again: WARNING! )

With the mid-season finale just less than 24 hours away, a lot of fans have been wondering whats going to leave us speechless this part of the season, are they going to kill of a main character(s), will Rick lose his hand, will Glenn suffer at the Walker's hands...or Negans bat? Below are my predictions for what could happen!

First off...

Rick's Hand...

Remember this lovely fellow? When Rick was making his way to Alexandria he came across this beast and decided to get his hand cut on that blood-covered blade. The question we can ask ourselves is this,"Could that Walker blood infect Rick's wound, and then cause him to do a little choppy-choppy?" Or could it just be a little something to give us a scare?

The Governor was the one who chopped off Rick's hand when he denied him information on the prison. At the time, the green-screen would've been a little to costly for the show. But now, with The Walking Dead being like the number one show on TV, and getting a bunch of money from its run of 6 seasons, it could, possibly, now be done.

The Walls Are Down, Could That Then Lead To Two Different Things?

When the walls fall, Zombies do indeed start to come get their eats on, and people tend to die, or things can happen to people. But in the comics, when the walls of Alexandria fell and the Zombies started to come forth and take over the "safe-haven"...Two Important things happened:

1. Jessie and Ron Anderson:

Rick chops of Jessie's hand for the grasp was tight
Rick chops of Jessie's hand for the grasp was tight

On the other hand of Jessie (not so funny pun intended), Ron was holding on and was devoured first then his beloved mother. I believe this could happen to both Sam and Jessie or Carol (she has seemed a little more heroic lately) and Sam, because we saw Ron following Carl with a gun and he'd probably be busy with that business (whatever it is, be it the long expected fight between the two, or they're going to save Enid, probably the latter because she's with Glenn):

2. Carl's Head Shot:

In the comics, Carl gets briefly separated from his father (because of the horde in Alexandria) and after a somewhat long shooting spree, they all see Carl like the above image.

It could happen in the show since it has been going a little bit into Dr. Denise Cloyd and her as a medical professional and the challenges she'd then have to face with something like this and whatnot. But if Ron and Carl are out when the Zombies come, I believe it could possibly be Enid that gets the shot, since Glenn and her arrived at Alexandria in the last episode, but I would really like to see it happen to Carl.

Thats Just Some Of My Predictions For the Mid-Season Finale...Did I Miss Some Things? What Would You Like To See? Tell Me In the Comments!



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