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With Marvel's Ant-Man being so successful, the company has decided to release a sequel hopefully flying in theaters on July 6, 2018, with the film being titled Ant-Man and The Wasp. With Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Peña, and Michael Douglas respectively returning as their roles, nothing has been released on what the plot of the movie is, giving that it is still in pre-production.

At the end of the first movie while Scott Lang was fighting Darren Cross a.k.a Yellowjacket, we see him shrink so small that he went into the Quantum Realm, otherwise known as the Microverse. This was done once before by Hank Pym's wife and Hope van Dyne's mom Janet van Dyne, who unfortunately didn't make it back. After the fight between Lang and Cross, Hank Pym learns from Scott that he made it back from the Microverse safely, leaving Hank to wonder if they can get Janet back. The post-credits scene then showed Hope receiving her own Wasp suit, thus leaving her to be the second Wasp.

Hope receiving the Wasp suit...
Hope receiving the Wasp suit...

Now, what does all this mean? It most likely means that the plot of the film will revolve around Scott and Hope teaming up to go back to the Microverse and rescue Janet. But I think we would need a villain to try and stop this plan to get Janet back. And the villain would be...


Being an Ant-Man villain in the comics, it would be so cool to see Elihas Starr a.k.a Egghead enter the MCU and try to find a way to steal Ant-Man's shrinking and enlarging disks and prevent the duo from rescuing Janet. To even tie him into the MCU even more, he can either be a scientist for AIM, a former scientist for S.H.I.E.L.D. as in the comics, or be a member of Leviathan, who was the villainous group in Marvel's Agent Carter. For the casting choice, I'd like to see Bryan Cranston portray the villain. I thought he was really good in both Breaking Bad and Godzilla.

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'Ant-Man' is released on DVD December 8, 2015


Will Hank and Janet be reunited?


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