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When you want to run a business, the main key points for success is first and foremost, good customer service, great deals and of course amazing adverting. We see them every day and almost everywhere, from billboards, to apps, to radio and of course TV spots. But what happens when the commercial you are viewing creeps the hell out of you, instead of making you want to purchase the product?? Well... you tell me.

The next "spots" or commercial advertisements are REAL! I guess they thought that by throwing in a little dark humor, it would send the consumer right to the store, but instead they got the complete opposite. Here are a few examples of some of the creepiest and most horrifying commercials from around the globe.

1. Herbaria - 'Fears'

Good thing it's not swim season.

2. Remco - 'Baby Laugh a Lot'

Can we say Dollie Dearest?

3. Fragile Childhood - 'Monsters'

I think this might be right sometimes.

4. The Judderman - 'Metz'

I think I'll take my chances with Krampus.

5. Phones 4 U - 'Zombie'

Because you might need a phone during the apocalypse.

6. Little Baby's Ice Cream - 'This is a special time'

Yea... I'll stick with Blue Bell.

7. Krinkles the Clown - 'Cereal Commercial'

And I thought It was creepy!

8. K-Fee - 'Energy Drink'

Road trip anyone?

9. Alton Towers - '13'

I would definitely go.

10. Smokey the Bear - 'Public Announcement'

No wonder I've always found him creepy.

11. Mental Wealth - 'Playstation'

Yea um! I'm not gonna judge.

12. McDonalds - 'First Ever Commercial'

And a creepy clown... again.

Do you know of any other creepy commercials out there? Let me know in the comments down below. Please don't forget to FOLLOW ME for more scary and creepy content and in the meantime remember... Sweet Screams.

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