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We are all excited by the announcement that a new Pokemon game, Pokemon GO is a mobile game which is going to be released next year. This game which uses augmented reality will let players capture virtual pokemon in real world locations and use them to battle other pokemon , battle other players or trade them.

The trailer which was released a few months ago has made pokemon fans very excited for the game to launch. One thing that has made fans to ponder , was that only the first generation pokemon , that is , the kanto region pokemon were used in the game trailer. Caterpie , pikachu , gyarados , mewtwo all these are among the original 151 pokemon. This has raised a huge debate whether only the first gen pokemon will be found within the game.

This would seem good for genwunners ( Fans who love the first generation games ) but there are some things we need to think carefully to see the whole picture.


Many of the first generation pokemon have evolutions that were introduced later. Even if the first generation pokemon were only released , it would be unfair and incorrect for the game to not have all the pokemon evolutions. There is magmortar who evolves from magmar , rypherior from rhydon both are sinnoh pokemon that evolve from kanto pokemon when traded holding a certain item. Even onyx evolves to steelix ( which is found in johto) when traded holding a metal plate. You might tell that we might not find the items needed for them to be traded to evolve. But there are also other pokemon life tangela that evoles to tangrowth when leveled up knowing a certain move. And then there is eevee. We still dont know how is it going to evolve to espeon , umbreon , glaceon , leafeon and sylveon in the game as it needs happiness at a certain time of the day or a certain location or affection with us to evolve into these and we don't know how all that's possible but those are also evolutions from other generations. So it seems likely that pokemon of other generations may be included

Legendary pokemon

In the trailer it was said that there would be events and the final scene where all trainers fight a mewtwo was the best part of the trailer.

So there will be events and they are going to likely have legendary pokemon for these events to attract more people. The total count of legendaries of gen 1 is 5 , moltres , zapdos , articuno , mew and mewtwo. So are they gonna just have these 5 pokemon repeating at different parts of world ? If they include other gen pokemon they could have more legendaries and mythical pokemon to spare.

Pokemon Z

There are some saying that this game will be likely linked to the main games coming in future. If that were true the next game to release that might be Pokemon Z will have a chance to link up with this game. If that does , wouldn't it be odd having just kanto pokemon and linking with a game of kalos. We don't know how these games are gonna interwine. But if there is an option of transferring pokemon , if there is , then we would get kalos pokemon in our game. Even if it is not pokemon Z , the next game after it might link up with Go. But there is a very small probability that Z might.

So here are the things that might happen on this yet to be released game. Let's all hope for the best.


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