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Hey, Marvel and Classic Hollywood Fans, have I got a special treat for you. The word on the street is that Marvel (bless their corporate hearts) will be moving forward with the sequel to their 2015 hit, Ant-Man. And from what I've been hearing, the word is that they're also looking to cast a pretty big name to fill a significant role left (mostly) vacant by Marvel in the original film.

The role is none other than Janet Van Dyne herself, a.k.a. The Wasp.

And the actor that Marvel is circling to play this role is none other than:

That's right, former feline fanatical Batman villain and beauty queen, Michelle Pfeiffer.

While we do know that there isn't actually any solid evidence that Pfeiffer is in discussions with Marvel to tackle the role of Janet Van Dyne, it seems pretty clear that at least one (or maybe even two) of the film's main cast really, really want her to play the role.

Evangeline Lilly portrayed Hope Van Dyne in the 2015 film and is slated to appear in the sequel; she also signed a contract to appear in further Marvel films in the future. The role that Michelle Pfeiffer would be taking on would be that of Hope's beloved mother, thought to be lost or dead in a subatomic quantum realm where she was attempting to disarm a Soviet nuclear missile. Now, I'm not exactly sure how time works in the quantum realm, but I'm sure the writers of Ant-Man and The Wasp could figure something realistic out.

Ever since it was announced that Hope's mother, Janet, would be playing a larger role in the Ant-Man sequel, Evangeline Lilly has been extremely vocal about who she would like to play the role. In an interview with CinemaBlend five months ago, she stated this:

"Marvel hasn’t told me, but I kind of, again, fabricating my own… I think that she could be and that it could be a great, I mean, I would love to see a storyline where Hope somehow, I don’t know, tries to find her mom or meets her or something happens where there’s some amazing reunion. I think that would be super cool, and I have my dream casting already, for my mom.
It’s got to be Michelle Pfeiffer."

Evangeline Lilly explained that her choice had a lot to do with Michelle Pfeiffer's performance in Tim Burton's 1992 film, Batman Returns.

That was my favorite of all time of all the comic book female characters, but Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. Not just anybody or anything, not even like in the comic books, Michelle Pfeiffer.

Lilly reiterated her desire for Pfeiffer to play the original Wasp in December 2015, but still made the claim she had no idea exactly what Marvel is planning to do with the film.

And come on, wouldn't it be nice to see these two together again?

Paul Rudd and Michelle Pfeiffer co-starred in a romantic comedy called, I Could Never Be Your Woman, years and years before he became a "big deal." The film, regrettably, was not released theatrically because the film studio didn't want to pay Pfeiffer's salary through the film's profits. A hideous injustice, if you ask me. She's fantastic in this film, truly. One of her best, if not her best, comedic performance.

It also helps that Rudd is a huge fan and close friend of Pfeiffer's.

Unfortunately, some other people have a different idea

Michael Douglas offered up his own wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones as a possible candidate for the role of Janet Van Dyne. And while I'm sure it would be wonderful for them to get to work on a film together, I'd honestly stick a bit more closely with Evangeline Lilly's choice. Considering Lilly and Rudd, not Douglas, will be the future of the Ant-Man franchise, I'm certain her words will and do not fall on deaf ears.


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