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Possible spoiler for Civil War ahead.

On November 24, fans all around the world were treated to the Captain America: Civil War trailer. While many are focused on the début of Black Panther, Scarlet Witch's flight powers and the final fight between Steve, Bucky and Tony, we have all missed one very important shot.

Around the 1:59 mark there is a shot of Bucky holding Tony up against a wall, shouting at him. While we can't hear what he is saying due to the music, we certainly can read his lips. Here is a GIF of said shot so you can try to read it.

Has he maybe said, "Steve's in bed?", "Steve wants bread?" No. Bucky has confirmed our worst fears.

Steve is dead. Captain America has finally fallen.

While this won't come as a shock to many due to his death after Marvel's Civil War event, the death will hit us hard and will forever change the landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Let's just hope that they truly follow the comics and bring him back to aid his fellow Avengers in Infinity War.


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