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The Amazing Spider-Man is arguably the best superhero, especially in my opinion. He's got a great rogue gallery and alter ego, one that he [Peter Parker] prefers to keep a secret. Now that Spider-Man will be entering the MCU, it is going to be a lot different for our favorite web-slinger. In the past two Spider-Man trilogies, he was alone, the only superhero out there. Now in this universe, he is one of the dozens of superheroes. This takes away a lot of his unique traits, one of which is that alter ego I was talking about, Peter Parker. In the MCU, no one has a secret identity. We have learned that in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film that the movie has nothing to do with superhero registration acts rather it being a registration act of the Avengers working under the supervision of the government (click here to see more).

This brings up the question whether Spider-Man will have a secret identity or not. It may not be a big deal for other superheroes, but Spider-Man's identity is such a huge part of his story. He is a high school student who lives in Queens! Well, there's no reason to bite away at your fingernails because we received an answer from Tom Holland himself:

"I think one of the most interesting things about Peter Parker for us is that he’s the only person in the MCU now that has a secret identity, so we all know who everyone else is. I think it’s quite interesting to go back to that hiding behind a mask."

Spider-Man Will Keep a Secret Identity

This is very re-assuring news for all Spidey fans as it would not be Spider-Man if he didn't keep one. Besides the fact that it is important to the character, why is this so important? Well, like Holland said, he is the only superhero in the MCU to keep a secret identity. This is what will make him unique in the crowd of a dozen Avengers. Unique is what Spider-Man needs as he had his own solo series for such a long time. Even in the comics Spider-Man ran solo for a very long time. It took decades before Spider-Man joined the Avengers.

What Does This Mean for Captain America: Civil War?

The reason why the movie is not going to revolve around superheroes revealing their secret identity is because no one has a secret identity, except for Spider-Man. Perhaps Spider-Man starts on Iron Man's side. Tony helps him build some web slingers and build a new suit and treats him very nicely. He then wants Peter to reveal his secret identity to the world and sign on the Sokovia Accords. Spider-Man will not want to reveal his identity and realize that Captain America is standing up for what is right. Spider-Man and Captain America will fight against Iron Man but have to fight a bigger threat, Baron Zemo. A lot of damages will have happened in the movie but it looks like both Captain America and Iron Man will be surviving this civil war and appear in the same movie before Infinity Wars.

There were rumors that Iron Man will appear in the new Spider-Man film, but it turns out that both Captain America and Iron Man will be in the film. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. were talking about how brutal it was shooting in Atlanta. They said they were up for it again and the only movie filming in Atlanta after Civil War is the Spider-Man movie.

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