BySarah Pauley, writer at

It's finally here. The rumor about frozen 2 has been released into reality. Lots of people are excited to see the trailer for the next frozen movie. But everyone is wondering, " Who is gonna be Elsa's love interest?" A lot of people are trying to figure out who Elsa is gonna be with. Some people think that prince Hans should be with her, but after that stunt he pulled, that probably won't happen. Others say she should be with Eugene/Flynn, but he is already married to princess Rapunzel so that's not an option. And most are saying that she has to be with DreamWorks's Jack Frost, which is a good idea because they both have the power of ice. But Elsa is from Disney and Jack Frost is from DreamWorks. So if fans want Jack and Elsa to be together, they'll have to convince the two companies to make a movie about it. In all, we're still going on with whole pairing with Elsa, but Disney will make the decision on who she will love. Who knows this could be the greatest question of all. Who will have Elsa?


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