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Timeslip Spider-man ( Peter Parker )


This earth's Spider-man is almost like are Spider-man except this Spider-man uses a grapling hook instead of a web- line.

Flipside (Earth-928)

Flipside was created during the Heroic age

To mimic the appearance and powers of the first super human being that he came in contact with. For unknown reasons, he was put in stasis. In the year 2099, he was discovered by a group of forager's led by Packrat, though they were unable to activate him. After surviving an explosion in the city Nightshade, Spider-man was found and brought to Packrat, who had him attempt to activate the robot, which was successful. As this era's Spider-man did not exist in his outdated records, Flipside extrapolated based on his appearance, configuring himself into a combination of the original Spider-man and venom. Immediately after awakening, Flipside embraced Spider-man and declared that they would be best friends. However, Spider-man rejected Flipside's affection, sending the android into a fit of rage. Flipside proceeded to smash the computer systems in Packrat's base before slaughtering many of packrat's henchmen. In the in the ensuing fight between himself and Spider-man, he was beheaded. After Spider-man departs, Flipside repairs himself and turns on Packrat, giving him a head start.

OK I just want to thank you guys so much for likeing my posts and vewing them so much I know I haven't done a post in a while. The resons that I haven't posed in a while are that I couldn't figure out what Spider-man to do also because moviepilot was being dum and not letting me post I am so sorry it took this long you guys are amazing thanks for being so pashent. With me you guys are the best.


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