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1 him touching r2d2

now this coud be him hidding or running from the first order couse you can see that he is in or next to a mauntain and he cant take it anymore so he surrenders and he has three options be the rest off his life in a cell o die or join them but first he tries to fight them ad he gets into a cell but then the nights of ren help him escape so then luke asks who the hell are you poeple you can call us us knights of re but we wantto finish the path of yor father anekin skywaker or darthvader but we need a leader so wethought of you mr skywalker but he goes with themhe becomes the leader but later he goes bac to the first oder and he becomes kylo ren with the meltet vader head he maesthe new make but the first order does not know the he is othe leader of the knights of ren so yeah maybe towards the end he betrays the first order ad becomes good agin but

now ada driver isplaying kylo ren but mzaybe he is secretly played by mark hamill but if it is relly ada driver that is playing then this theory is not true totally not true


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