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Marvel and Netflix have teamed up to make two great shows - Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Their first seasons are out and are incredible! Both characters were done justice and were portrayed perfectly. Apart from the superhero business like fighting crime, the daily life problems they cope with because of being "different" were presented nicely.

A lot of interesting easter eggs were also there in both series. There might be one related to our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Some locations we see in Daredevil and Jessica Jones are the same ones we saw in past Spider-Man movies. Kingpin and Madam Gao had a conversation at the Rooftop Garden in Daredevil- the same place where Spidey and Mary Jane met in Spider-Man.

Now let's take a look at Jessica Jones. This place is where Spidey dodges a speeding bullet in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Why is Marvel showing us the same locations again? It may be hinting towards something... Yes, Spider-Man may be coming to Marvel TV shows! I could be wrong and this could be a coincidence since all the shootings took place in NYC.

But in the above case, why would they choose to show locations from the same angle?

Spider-Man has been an associate member of the Defenders and it might be the same for him in the MCU. Other superheroes were and will be introduced too like Luke Cage, Punisher, Elektra and Iron Fist in the shows. Marvel may be planning to bring in Spidey too.


Is it possible that Spider-Man will make a cameo or two in The Defenders?


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