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In any adaptation things are going to be different. Whether its a book, video game, or even a comic, things turn out differently on the big screen. Sometimes this change is okay and well received by fans, other times it deviates so much from the source material that it becomes unrecognizable. Ever since Marvel announced an adaptation of the beloved Mark Millar's Civil War comic series, fans have been waiting in anticipation to see how closely the third installment in the Captain America story arc would be to the source material. For a long time we knew that we weren't going to see the huge epic battle that spawns across the pages of the comic book, but rather something on a much smaller scale.

However, with the new Civil War trailer that dropped earlier this week, its become apparent that the new movie is much more a Captain America 3 and not an Avengers 2.5 as some were anticipating. Not that there's anything wrong with that, Captain America Winter Soldier is often regarded as one of the greatest Marvel movies yet, and the Russo Brother's are sure not to disappoint either. But they do have some warnings to the fans.

Deviating from Civil War

The Russo Brother's sat down with Empire magazine and gave us some insight into what to expect from the new movie. Fans expecting a strict adaptation of the comic will be sorely disappointed as Joe Russo states "The comic book isn't applicable to the story-telling we've structured up to this point." Fear not though, the movie is still sure to be an enjoyable ride. Instead of a huge battle, we should expect a more political thriller, which seemed to work for the acclaimed Winter Soldier.

What fans can expect is the politics involved in the source material which make it such an interesting read. "The concept of registration, the notion that heroes need to be either monitored or controlled because their power can be scary, is applicable" Joe Russo told Empire.

The film still offers plenty of exciting action sequences, as evident by the amazing trailer. Plus a slew of familiar characters and the introduction of some long awaited characters (namely Spider-Man and Black Panther).


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