ByPaul Skillman, writer at

What Happened to the Sphere?

I first found out about this sphere while watching a video on You tube about strangest objects ever found. I have been studying U.F.O's and strange phenomenon since I was able to read and this one really stood out to me.

One of the most puzzling things I find about this sphere is that when I looked up older articles about it and dug around for more information about the sphere and the Betz, it was like they fell off of the face of the Earth. Whatever happened to this object? Whatever happened to the family that found it. Terry was in medical school, did he become a doctor? Why was it not put into a museum?

A couple of nights later I touched the photo of the sphere thinking maybe it would tell me something telepathically. What occurred to me later that night was an unusual physical reaction that I would rather not discuss in this post due to it's graphic nature.

It looks to me like with the Betz sphere and many other unusual objects that have been discovered there have been cover ups of sorts, or something out there that has stopped the people from continuing to discover the truth about what their objects are and where they come from.

I am going to continue to search for this family and I am also going to contact weekly world news about this. I think they deserved the money and maybe there is still a chance I could convince them to give it to them.

A movie about this object would be entertaining but I think if one were to be made a little more information would be needed to ensure it's success.


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