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What a fantastic episode!!!!!

I can't believe that all this time I've been really excited to see

Kendall to becoming the purple ranger!

Kendall the purple ranger!
Kendall the purple ranger!

My favorite parts about this episode is:

1. Prince Phillip Returns to this episode,

2. Kendall Morgan rescues keeper,

3. The purple energem finally bonded with her,

4. Kendall becomes the purple ranger!,

5. All 8 rangers finishing up the monster,

And last but not least,

6. The big ranger hug!

All 6 of them capture my excitement of this episode!
I could never feel so impress & inspire to have a new favorite season

of power rangers if it wasn't for Claire Blackwelder (AKA Ms Morgan)

Claire Blackwelder.
Claire Blackwelder.

A person who plays the piano, sings wonderful, she acts,

& now she's a ranger!!!!

Keep up the good work your doing Claire!

Kendall Purple Dino Charge Ranger.
Kendall Purple Dino Charge Ranger.
Power Rangers Dino Charge
Power Rangers Dino Charge

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