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Anthony Meleo

So Kelly's possessed, Pablo and Brujo think Ash is possessed, and Eligos isn't done yet.

This episode picks up where the last episode left off. The demon Eligos has control of Kelly and convinced the others that Ash is possessed. The Brujo begins trying to preform an exorcism on Ash while Eligos starts messing with Pablo. Eligos starts flirting with him and tries to shoot him in the head when smoking weed out of Ash's boomstick.

Ash convinces Brujo that he isn't possessed and tie up Kelly. They get Eligos out of Kelly, but he manages to kill Brujo. Then Ash figures out how to kill the demon ("shoot first, think never"), gets a new robot hand, and the gang hits the road.

Once again, this episode was really good. It's getting a little hard to talk about these episodes cause they're just so good. We got a great scene between Pablo and his uncle about him leaving and how maybe it was part of his destiny. Dana DeLorenzo was fantastic this episode having to act possessed. Especially when Eligos is messing with Ash. And it was great seeing Ash search inside himself and kill the demon. Oh, and Ruby and Fisher are still on the search for Ash being guided by Ash's severed hand. It will be great when Ruby and Ash finally meet.

Oh, and I want to give some credit to Ben Fransham, the guy who plays the demon, Eligos for constantly going through the process to become the creature.

I give this episode 10 out of 10 chainsaws. Can't wait for the next episode.


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