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Machinima will air Static Shock and TNT will air Titans

Why would they work together? Machinima isn't sure that a Black Hero could have the ratings it needs (I love the idea of a Black Superhero), TNT is struggling with Titans. The CW doesn't know if they can air a season 2 of Legends of tomorrow.

But if Season 1 goes how it needs to go with at least 2 million views it could lead into Season 2 where TNT and Machinima will help with Colton Haynes as Roy Harper/Red Arrow, Steven R. McQueen as Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Virgil Hawkens/Static Shock it could lead into a great team work with the CW that does't really has to pay as much but it could help introduce Static Shock and Titans. Constantine might get a main role.

They would work together because in that way The CW can save a lot of money for a potential season 3 and they only can win a lot of money and they can help launch Static Shock that will probably get a lot of viewers attention and Titans that will probably also get a lot of attention and they could always crossover if something goes down.

If the rumors are true, we don't know.

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